Testimonials from Pet Owners

“My 14-year-old Sheltie/Corgi mix developed severe anxiety to thunderstorms four years ago. I popped in Calm your Canine, Vol. 3, hit the play button and Holy TADE!  She went into a collapsible crate in the same room, curled up and went to sleep.  The hound/mix walked over to the small CD player, sat, cocked her head like the RCA Victor dog, and jumped up onto the sofa and went to sleep. The Lhasa stood still, and then jumped up onto the other end of the sofa and fell asleep. Thank you for all your research, clinical trials, and dedication.  This brought tears to my eyes to see all three of them relaxed and comfortable. You were able to give them something that I couldn’t. Thank you!”

L. Charlsen, CPDT-KA
Wernersville, PA

“My granddaughter had just adopted Chase, an extremely active, vivacious, and nervous Golden. He was so startled by my car being in the garage that he crouched down while circling the car as if it were a foe! He would invariably begin barking when she was on the phone. She put on Music to Calm your Canine and was working for awhile when she realized she had not heard from Chase. She went into the living room and there was Chase, sprawled out on his side, calm as can be, in front of the stereo, completely relaxed. I’ve begun to play it for myself every night. I can feel the tension leaving me bit by bit. I’m soon lulled off to sleep. Only downside: I never get to hear the entire CD!!!”

P. Marino
St. Louis, MO

“My Golden Retriever was suffering from a large and vicious hot spot on the underside of his tail. He was on medication and restrained from getting at it by an e-collar. Nevertheless, he was frantically trying to reach the spot, growing agitated and frustrated. His body was tense and he was panting rapidly. I put on Music to Calm Your Canine Companion. By the middle of Track 4, the dog’s body had visibly relaxed, he was lying down and his breathing had returned to normal. He remained calm for several hours. Truly amazing, and a huge relief both to the dog and his human.”

San Francisco, CA

“Travel Prep from Driving Edition relaxes both of my dogs before our drive!  They just get in the back of the SUV and sleep!  Also, I wanted to add that Sputnik, or 6 year old male Springer has had “puppy rage” since he was just a small guy.  When we would leave the house and he would be inside without us he would destroy everything!  Well, we left Calm Your Canine Companion on and when we came home there he was…sleeping on his doggie bed with nothing destroyed! It’s a miracle!  This CD is the best thing that has ever happened to my dogs! Thanks so much!”

Harrison, TN

“My pup suffers from separation anxiety when I leave him at home.  I had tried absolutely everything on him before using Music to Calm Your Canine Companion. I have been playing your CD for him along with lots of food toys, such as Kongs and Buster Cubes while I’m away.  He can now stay home by himself for a few hours and only barking intermittently. When I first played the CD, I got the cutest head tilt from both of my dogs as they listened with interest.  I wasn’t expecting that much of a response so it surprised me! “

San Francisco, CA

“We’ve been listening to Music to Calm your Canine Companion in our home; it is working wonders, not only on the dog, but on myself as well.  In fact, it actually gets the barking to stop as we have a “recreational barker” in our home.  As soon, as I put the CD in she actually goes to lie down on her bed, so we are happy to say that the CD is working some miracles in our home.  We thank you so much for sending this to us as do our neighbors.”

“Prior to Lady listening to Driving Edition, she would not want to get in the car and then once we were 5-10 kilometers down the road she would puke in the car sometimes even pooping due to the situation. It was a very bad situation every time we got in the car. After only a handful of times of listening to Driving Edition, she LOVES to get in the car now. It’s really amazing.”

Orlando, Florida

“My young dog was crying a lot when she first got home after being spayed. I played Calm your Canine Companion for her and the crying immediately stopped and she lied down and went to sleep.”

Pacifica, CA

“I have a nervous 18 month old poodle pup and your book sounded interesting to me. Last week I was in Hawaii (I live in Japan) and I found it in the bookstore. The past 3 days my dogs have been listening to the CD in the book and it has worked wonders! This morning, Agner, the nervous one, was doing his usual barking at scary noises outside like kids going to school or people talking. I popped the CD in the computer as I was working. Soon he was asleep on my lap. He needed more space so he finally stretched out and was sound asleep on the computer as he listened to your CD. I just had to send you the attached photo because my husband and I were laughing so hard.”

Toyama, Japan

“Before Track 1 of Calm Your Canine Companion was over, all the dogs had laid down. During Track 2, I could hear a pin drop. Every one of the dogs became calmer that day. I also found that the public walking through made comments regarding how calming and relaxing the music was. I think it made the shelter (or our section) feel more warm and inviting – not quite as sterile. It also helped to ease the public’s edge when entering the kennel area.”

Volunteer, Longmont Humane Society, Longmont, CO

“I never leave my yellow lab alone without playing Calm Your Canine Companion. Upon listening, Walter mellowed and then went to sleep. Tessa, the cat, curled up for a nap as well.”

Half Moon Bay, CA

“Ranger is a 6- year old German Shepherd with extreme separation anxiety. With Calm Your Canine Companion playing, he seemed much more relaxed about our leaving him. He only barked twice – much less than normal.”

Corbett, OR

“One of my dogs normally hates getting in the car. I’d often have to get up extra early for an agility trial, just to spend extra time getting her into the car. Driving Edition has changed that. After only listening to it during two drives, she now is eager to get in the car and shows up so much happier when we get there. One day, on the return trip, it was storming and hard to see, but the music helped me stay calm and relaxed. I usually would have been anxious driving in such low visibility, hard wind and heavy rain, but I noticed that I wasn’t white knuckling the steering wheel and seemed ok with driving home after a long and tiring day.”

Pacifica, CA

“My dog “Girlie”is so hyper that on many occasions she has dug through the kennel in the car and destroyed parts of the car. Music to Calm Your Canine Companion has calmed her and stopped the behavior.”

Kate’s Cat & Dog Salon, San Francisco, CA

“This is amazing! I have a golden retriever whose favorite hobby is greeting people, she just loves everyone and feels it is her duty to say hello! This past weekend, we held a garage sale at my home. When I have done this in the past, I would have to leave her inside and listen to her whine and bark. She would get so upset, but we could not let her out there with us. This time, I put on Calm your Canine Companion and I am absolutely amazed. She just laid down on the floor and slept. Incredible! I don’t think she was even aware of how many people she missed greeting! But, I did let her out at the end as a reward to greet the last couple people stopping by. Thank you from Tobie and me!”

Albany, NY

“I was taking care of my daughter’s dog when she was away. He is used to being with her all the time and I normally can’t leave for long when he’s with me, because he barks and whines nonstop. I played Music to Calm Your Canine Companion for him when I was gone. When I came back he was just sleeping on the bed and barely even noticed that I returned. Normally, he’d be jumping all over me and the neighbors would have complained about all of his barking.”

Half Moon Bay, CA

“My nine year old dog has recently developed separation anxiety when left alone at home. Unfortunately, she chooses to show me how she feels by peeing inside when I’m gone! I bought Music to Calm Your Canine Companion and played it on a loop for my dog while I was gone a couple of hours. For the first time in ages, there was no mess in the house when I returned. Now I play the CD every time I have to leave the house. I had been taking my dog in the car with me everywhere but can’t do that now that the weather is getting warmer so this CD is a real blessing!”

El Granada, CA

“Our dog used to get nauseous in the car when she was a puppy. Ever since then, she hasn’t wanted to even look at a car. Driving Edition and particularly following the protocol on how to use the track entitled Travel Prep has completely changed her behavior. After only one trip, she hopped right in the car on the return trip. She had never done that before and it was really amazing to watch.”

Los Gatos, CA