BioAcoustic Research

Joshua Leeds, Creator of iCalmPet and BioAccousticlly Arranged Sound Therapy for Pets.

Soundwork for the Enhancement of Human and Animal Function

BioAcoustic Research, Inc., is the corporate structure from which Joshua Leeds produces music and books in the field of soundwork. As a music producer specializing in psychoacoustics, he has devoted his professional life to the development of audio material for health and wellness. Be it for people, cats, or dogs – the mammalian ear responds to resonance (tone), entrainment (tempo), and pattern identification. With these three auditory components, the work of BioAcoustic Research continues to be highly effective and widely utilized.

iCalmPet is the pet arm of BioAcoustic Research. Begun in 2003, Through a Dog’s Ear was the initial brand. Since then, Through a Cat’s Ear, iCalmDog and iCalmCat have followed.

For the people side of things, is a portal for soundtracks, seminars, and books. Since 1985, Joshua has produced 50+ therapeutic programs used in homes, clinics, classrooms, and animal environments. At the root of all BioAcoustic Research material is the concept that “…music is a nutrient for the nervous system” (Dr. Alfred Tomatis, 1920-2000).

Proudly standing on the shoulders of the greatest psychoacousticians and music neuroscientists, the BioAcoustic Research team combines world class production, innovative psychoacoustic techniques, and leading scientific concepts – all to enhance the lives of people and animals.

Creating therapeutic auditory material is an evolving art and science. Do you have a comment or story you’d like to share? We encourage you to be in touch. We learn from your feedback. Email us at