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Can Music Really Heal Your Dog?


Four years ago, Sanchez was experiencing intense neck pain. My holistic veterinarian doesn’t have x-ray machines, so I took him to a neighboring clinic that does. I was told he would need to be sedated unless he could lay completely still on his back for the x-ray.  Not only was this a clinic that was new for him, but the veterinarian didn’t exactly have a calming presence. And, I wasn’t allowed to go into the x-ray room with Sanchez.

Fortunately, I had Through a Dog’s Ear downloaded on my iPhone. So, I asked if I could send in Sanchez’s calming music with him on my phone. The vet gave me a strange look, and then said, “well…. ok.” About 10 minutes later, he walked Sanchez out of the x-ray room and said, “We’re done. No need to sedate, he laid still and listened to the music. By the way, what is that magical music anyhow?”

I then realized the need for portable calming canine music and that experience planted the seed for iCalmDog. The clinically tested music in CD format was already calming hundreds of thousands of dogs at home and in shelters. What if dogs had a device that played their own music and could be taken anywhere? After all, people listen to their music on their mobile devices. What if Buster had his own specialized music on a player designed for him… sort of like an iPawd for dogs?


It turned out Sanchez was diagnosed with a slipped disc in his neck. Fortunately, he responded very well to acupuncture treatment, and it literally saved his life. Little did I know then how much I would need him to lay still during treatment. Taking iCalmDog to the vet clinic became a routine for us. Well, until my vet supplied iCalmDogs in all of her treatment rooms, so I didn’t need to bring my own.


More recently, Sanchez was recovering from E. coli. It was really touch-and-go for awhile, and I feared I was going to lose him. During that time, I was giving him subcutaneous fluids daily, cooking all his meals, and trying to never leave home alone. I was worried sick. My 13 and 1/2 year old Labrador seemed suddenly very old and frail. listening to calming canine music For a 3-week period, I was playing his favorite calming music, Elderly Canine on his iCalmDog almost around the clock. The soothing sound tracks were such a comfort to us both, I’m not sure who it helped more. And while he wasn’t up for his nightly bonding time through training, we shared some very tender moments together listening to music.

Sanchez Calm Dog

I’ll never know the full impact of music in his healing process, I’m just so grateful that Sanchez is just about back to his normal old self. And while we’re again training every night with yummy treats, we’ve also been enjoying some cuddle time together in the evenings while listening to his favorite music.

Has music helped heal your dog (or you)? Thanks for sharing your experiences in a comment below.

(Aside note: I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to walk into a very quiet vet clinic, see calm pets, and hear nothing except music especially designed for dogs and cats. I gave up my concert career to create music for our beloved 4-leggeds, and this is one of the ways I’m reminded that it was worth it.)



6 thoughts on “Can Music Really Heal Your Dog?

  1. My boys, retired racing greyhounds Kirk and Elvis listen to their icalmdog every day ALL day. They love the original music so that’s what we all hear all day and we all love it! They are relaxed, happy and well adjusted and I believe it is because they have listened to icalmdog ever since we adopted them four years ago.

  2. I need one for my shelter, The Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights, we have several dogs recovering from very expensive surgery and the red one I bot from you is broken fell off table. Any way of sending another one as a donation? It really works.

  3. My girls and I just LOVE your music. We fall asleep every night to it. Thank you so much.

  4. I have a wonderful rescue Husky – Stella – who was so afraid of everything when I first got her (my very first dog ever).

    The Behaviorist I was working with recommended that I might also try your music. Through love, training and associating with other Huskies, Stella is now a happy and very well adjusted 3+ year old lady. And, we now work together with BASH (Bay Area Siberian Husky rescue) to foster other Huskies at risk.

    I use the iCalm from the very first night with a new foster and I am VERY convinced that it has helped each one settle into their crate and rest well at night.

    I also use CDs in the car on any long trip or when picking up a new foster from a Shelter. These special dogs are often so shell-shocked coming out to that environment and have usually just been neutered or spayed…so not feeling tip top. This helps them relax and get needed rest.

    Thank you…I have just ordered the new iCalm version 4.0 so that I can have one device for each dog or in different places in the house.

    I am taking Stella for her first Holiday photos tomorrow…think I will take my handy iCalm along…:-)

  5. We have a 14 year old Toy Poodle Furry-baby, Raven who travels with us full time in our motorhome 365 days a year. She was diagnosed at a very early age (2 Yrs) with not only Sleep Nightmare Disorder but also general behavioral problems. We’ve used several items over the years and have found success with one in particular. Then we bought Raven your wonderful CDs. We’ve not yet purchased the iCalm but we have told many of our friends how when we leave our Motorhome and Raven is in her “house” (kennel) we put your wonderful music on the surround sound and she is very calm while we’re away. It’s completely changed her behavior. She no longer barks and no longer potties in her kennel. It’s a God-send. When we come home usually I just keep the music on because I find it so soothing as well. You have made our little Raven & us so much happier. Many blessings…

  6. I am an australian labradoodle puppy breeder and I play the icalm series from the moment they can hear. When I video, my clients are always amazed at how I can put the puppies to sleep at night just by my words..hehehe. its really the music! I turn it on every night at bedtime just after a good romp, call them by name up to their bed and everyone settles in for the night. It is the cutest thing! I look good, but truth be told….it was iCalmdog. Thank you, this has been anamazing addition for my team of doodles.

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