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Creative Uses of Sound Therapy for Canine Anxiety Issues

Charlie Snoozing to Through a Dog’s Ear music

People often ask me why a concert pianist with a Juilliard degree is performing and recording music for dogs. Wouldn’t I prefer to have a concert career and be playing in Carnegie Hall? Believe it or not, the answer is no. Although I still love performing, recording music for the intentional purpose of improving the sound environment for dogs and their people, relieving canine anxiety issues, and creating a bonding experience between humans and their dogs is a remarkable and unmatchable feeling.

Clinical research tested whether classical music arranged according to psychoacoustic principles would have an effect on specific anxiety issues in dogs, such as excessive barking, fear of separation, thunderstorms, and fireworks. However, even though 15 common canine anxiety issues were tested, my favorite stories involve how dogs respond to Through a Dog’s Ear music with additional anxiety issues that weren’t even tested. The music is helping thousands of fearful and reactive dogs, because it is clinically tested to calm the canine nervous system, regardless of what is triggering the stress. Quite honestly, it’s helping in ways that I couldn’t even have imagined. I love the creative ways people are using canine sound therapy to help their dogs. When I read the story below about Charlie via an email from his person, Tamara Power-Drutis, it reminded me why I continue to do this work instead of performing in Carnegie Hall.

“Lisa, I have to tell you what an incredible impact Through a Dog’s Ear has had on my dog Charlie. We moved from a house in Greenlake to an apartment in Capitol Hill two months ago, and faced an immediate change in Charlie’s behavior. He became terrified of all the activity, the noises, our neighbors, children, and even other dogs. Suddenly he had separation anxiety. All the activities we used to do together became difficult. It was hard on both of us and I began trying everything to help.

We met with Kathy Sdao who had expert insight into what he was dealing with, and was able to help direct our training so that Charlie began to react in a more productive way to the things that frighten him. I also tried a DAP plugin, crate training in the car, thunder cap, creating background noise with fans, calming dog candles, chill pills, noise work – all to varying degrees of success. I came across Through a Dog’s Ear in the process of hunting down the illusive silver bullet to solve our issues. I purchased Calm your Canine Companion along with another CD claiming to do the same thing from another artist. I actually enjoyed listening to the music on your CD, so it ended up being played almost around the clock for the first week. I didn’t truly realize the effect it had on Charlie until the following experiences:

We went camping a couple weeks ago to a spot that (on the campsite map) appeared to be secluded and separate from the rest of the site. In actuality, it was right up next to the bathroom on one side, had the water spicket on another, and then a two family reunion with at least six children and their toys and bikes on the other. In short, it was Charlie’s worst nightmare. After he had barked at everyone on their way to the bathroom and lunged at someone coming to get water with their child, I began to consider canceling the trip altogether and going home. In a last ditch effort, I suggested we put Charlie in the car while we set up our tent, and see if he did any better in the tent where he couldn’t see everyone. In the car, I turned on Music to Calm your Canine, gave Charlie a couple treats, and then left him to listen to your music. Within a minute he went from barking anxiously to curled up on his dog bed resting. I could have cried I was so relieved. Through a Dog’s Ear actually saved my weekend. We played it for him in our tent throughout the night as well. If I could fashion Charlie a headset he could wear around and listen to your music all the time, I would.”

Have you used canine sound therapy in creative ways? Thanks for sharing your story in a comment below.

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  1. I am a musician self-taught… play keyboard “thru my heart”… original music…Produced a cd for friends and family.. ( and for sale 🙂 ) I took my cd to my friends home and played it on her nice player..Her 2 little dogs sat in front of the highboy dresser the player was on and just sat and blinked their eyes off and on for the time that the music was on..They were totally relaxed!! It was one of my greatest compliments!!!!

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