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Do Dogs Belong In Concert Halls?

Combining my talent and experience as a concert pianist with my love of dogs continues to fill my heart with enormous gratitude and joy as it improve the lives of dogs worldwide. Up to now, my music has mostly been accessible to dogs through recorded music ~ CDs, downloads, flash drives, and iCalmDogs. That is starting to change as I perform concerts and invite the dogs in.

BWP_Lisa-Gina-Sanchez-Piano photocredit

People are always telling me how lucky Sanchez and Gina are ~ enjoying their own private concert daily. (Sanchez makes a cameo appearance in my livestream home concert above.) Soon, I’ll be offering that opportunity to other dogs.

october poster

It starts in my birth town of Syracuse, NY next week. When I was 16, I won a concerto competition that allowed me to appear as guest soloist with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. The competition was sponsored by Civic Morning Musicals, a fabulous non-profit organization celebrating their 125th anniversary this season. They’ve invited me back to play a solo recital. We brainstormed ways to involve dogs, even though it’s not a dog-friendly venue and has limited availability to the 4-leggeds.

Some time ago, I had received a fan email from Pet Partners of Syracuse telling me how much their  therapy dogs were enjoying Through a Dog’s Ear. I wanted to give their hard working dogs the experience of hearing some of that music live, so they’ll be in attendance on Oct. 18th.

I hope they enjoy my concert repertoire along with my Through a Dog’s Ear demonstration. And I may even take it as a compliment if I hear some snoring.

Here are my thoughts on other ways to include dogs in concerts:

  • Post-concert adoption event with a local shelter/ rescue organization
  • Canine classical concerts ~ dogs enjoying with their people at dog-friendly venues
  • Shelter enrichment concerts at shelters
  • Livestream online concerts recorded from my living room/ People and pups cuddled up together in the comfort of their homes

What do you think of your dog enjoying live species-specific music with you? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adding your ideas to my list in a comment below.


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19 thoughts on “Do Dogs Belong In Concert Halls?

  1. My dog and I would love to listen to your concerts in our home!

    1. Thanks Beverly. Stay tuned for an announcement about a livestream Canine Classical Concert.

  2. Absolutely…my 1 year old Coton de Tulear already enjoys the classics and when I am away she finds it especially calming and comforting. I’m in Southern California and wish you could perform in our area. You’d be a big sensation for all the dog lovers here.

    1. Thanks Rosalie. I’m not too far away in The Bay Area and used to live in LA. You never know!

  3. Please include me in your mailings. Thanks.

  4. Thank you.

  5. Great idea. Dogs always love to be with their guardian a what a treat to hear you play. They will love it.

    1. Edwina – Glad you enjoyed it. More to come.

  6. This is a wonderful idea (concerts including dogs in the audience)! My dog enjoys relaxing when I play the piano, and I sing to her, too. We have different songs for different treats or places to walk–and she knows them all!

    1. Bea – It sounds like your dog gets to experience a nice variety of music. Lucky dog!

  7. As a veterinarian working with many rescue groups I would love to use your concerts as both fundraisers and to advance the use of music with animals in the home, shelters, kennels, and zoos.
    Do you travel or do you have full-length concerts that could be purchased/rented?

    1. Hi Dr. Jill,

      Great thoughts. Yes, I travel and am very interested in exploring this with you. I will send you an email early next week.

      Good to know of your interest in this. I performed a fundraiser for The Doris Day Animal Fund a few years back and invited the dogs in. It was great fun!

      Also, do you know about our Music in Shelters program?

  8. Our dog loves being with us, and your music is very soothing for her. I think it would be a great idea!

    1. Thanks Deb. I’m glad she is already enjoying my recorded music.

  9. One of my fur babies, Lyla, is hyperactive and has separation anxiety since she was small… I’d love to find out if your music soothes her.

  10. My dogs love the calm. I am in a small program to become a certified clinical musician but I would love to play my harp for shelter dogs. Any advice on how to approach shelters with this idea?

  11. I had been thinking how great it would be if you could start some sort of subscription music series–that might be a perfect companion to the concerts in your living room, for those of us who can’t be there with our pups!
    Keep brainstorming–I’m eager to see what ideas you come up with!

  12. Congratulations, great music and teriffic
    exposure for the dogs!

  13. Dear Lisa: The world needs more music to calm the soul. Although I lost my yorkies to illness, I think dogs would love to share the musical experience live with their human companions. I live in the far north suburbs of Chicago, so I hope you will let me know if your perform some time in the Midwest.

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