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Do NOT Play This at Home For Your Dogs

While I record music specially designed to calm dogs, Sanchez and Gina experience the full range of my concert repertoire. In addition to the slowed down, simplified classical arrangements on the Through a Dog’s Ear recordings, I am often practicing music that is loud, fast, and lively.

Keep in mind that I am the person at the piano, so being near the piano for them also means being near me. Sanchez originally taught Gina to go to her bed when I sit down to play the piano. Well, Sanchez isn’t exactly in his bed during the video, but he’s sitting near my side at the piano, looking like he’s either ready to turn the pages (if there were any to turn), is preparing for a nap under the piano, or he’s giving a stress signal.

What does Sanchez think about the introduction to Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude? Click to watch and let us know what you think his reaction says in a comment below.

 Delivering Calm, four paws at a time…

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2 thoughts on “Do NOT Play This at Home For Your Dogs

  1. Hi, Lisa, I thought you might be interested in my article for this week in my column “Puppy Dog Tales.” I have presented your music product for dogs to my readers. I have been following your blog and website for a while now and appreciate it a good deal. Go to the Website address posted above as requested to see the full article.

    1. Hi Sandra – Thanks for the wonderful article. So glad that your dogs are enjoying Through a Dog’s Ear music and that you always followed your intuition on the importance of creating a healthy sound environment for your pups. It’s great to connect with other sound aware dog lovers!

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