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Does music therapy really work to calm dogs during fireworks?


photo: Kitty Perlsweig and Sanchez

I am very deeply touched to read how Through a Dog’s Ear music helped calm so many dogs on their worst day of the year in the United States, July 4th. Phase two of clinical testing was purposely started just before July 4th, 2005. We were very curious to learn if psychoacoustic changes made to classical music would be calming enough to allow dogs to relax and even sleep during fireworks. Here’s what I’ve read on our Facebook page. Thank you Jenny-Lyn, Sonya, Lauri, and Marcia for sharing your stories on Facebook and for all that you do to improve the lives of dogs.

Your music has been a God-send for our 2 Saint Bernards! I used a phermone plug-in to help for awhile, but the music has been the BEST thing we’ve ever had. One of my dogs has seizure disorder and it helps aleviate stress (for all of us) during seizures. Thank You!

Jenny-Lyn Brown, Bangor, Maine

We programed your music to play two times in our facility to help the pup guests through the period of time that the fireworks were going off – There was hardly a peep- Everyone slept well – Thank you so much – Oh- our family pups slept well too.
Sonya Mandel, Pleasant Hill, Oregon


My Through a Dog’s Ear CD really helped my dogs this weekend too. While we work on counter-conditioning & desensitization before hand, it always helps to have a backup plan! My girl cuddled up in her safe spot in the back of our closet, while her baby brother stood watch for her in the hallway.
Lauri Bowen-Vaccare, Bowling Green, Kentucky


Last night was Tori’s second 4th with us (she’s a rescue) and the big booms really worried her. (Shane kept looking for ducks falling from the sky and Amelia slept through it 🙂 I turned on our big fan and put on one of Lisa’s CDs and Tori fell asleep! Thank you Lisa!!!
Marcia Lucas, Wheaton, IL

If you played Through a Dog’s Ear music or any other music that helped keep your dogs calm during fireworks or thunderstorms, please comment below and let us know what happened. Thanks for sharing.

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