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Hi iCalm Friends!

I’m Olivia, the newest addition to our little company!

Our CEO, Joshua Leeds, originally hired me for the position of Shipping Manager/Administrative Assistant/Customer Service, but during our interview, he discovered I had a passion for writing, and worked that into my title too, before even offering me the job! The timing of it was just beautiful, and exemplifies the superbness of being a small operation; we see each other face to face, just about every day, for quick pop-in chats, edits on whatever we’re fussing over, and creative brainstorming sessions (that often go down rabbit holes around the fascinating aspects of sound to the mammalian auditory system).

Within my first week I was getting pulled into these passionate brainstorming/mission setting/company vision talks, ones that I’m beginning to see Joshua might be known for. But it creates an environment in which everyone is behind the vision of what comes next, we all shape it cohesively and intentionally, and therefore we’re all ready to stand behind it, and push. It’s inspiring honestly, the energy of being part of a mission, and I’m just feeling so very excited to be here.


So what can you expect from us?


The same thing we’ve always done, but completely different…

From our very inception in 2003, we’ve been a company that focuses on healing. We were the first people to take sound healing principles and apply them to the calming of canine and feline nervous systems in the form of beautiful compositions (and backed by clinical trials!). We brought considerations of tone, tempo, and pattern recognition and combined them with frequency modulations for sensitive ears. The edge of that innovation is where we always want to live, creating delightful and effective music for a world that is often spinning toofast. Expect music beyond the classics––there’s increasing evidence to show that variety is the spice of life for canines too!––I can’t share those spices just yet, but I can say we’ve heard your suggestions loud and clear…  😉

So on the blog and on social media, you’ll hear news about what we’re tinkering on in the company, what’s fascinating us in the animal world, and how you can use this information to improve your lives, sapiens and canines and felines alike. Thanks for reading! We’re very excited to reconnect and move into the “next” approximations of sensory enrichment – for both pets and their people.