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High Tech Gadgets for Pets (Win an iCalmDog)

Italian Greyhound rescue Cyrus

The technology age may have been created by humans, but why shouldn’t pets also benefit? After all, Buster’s iPawd may relieve his canine anxiety issues, and Fluffy’s litter box could actually save her life.

4 High-Tech Gadgets for Pets:

Health Meter cat litter is not only biodegradable, but acts as an illness detection and odor eliminator. The litter actually changes color if your cat has any sign of urinary stone or kidney problems, bladder infection, or liver disease.

Tagg the Pet Tracker finds your lost dogs GPS tracking.  Tagg receives alerts and finds your pet on a map. And with their new activity tracking, you can also see how much exercise Fido is getting.

Speaking of exercise, you can now see how much activity your pooch gets when you are away from home. DogTek Eyenimal Pet Video Camera is the world’s first pet video camera. The small camera attaches to your dog’s collar and can capture up to two and a half hours of video. Besides monitoring their activity level, it could be very interesting to see the world from your dog’s perspective.


iCalmDog is the portable solution to canine anxiety… anywhere! The portable, compact player plays music clinically demonstrated to relieve canine anxiety issues. The small device with fabulous sound quality fits in the palm of your hand. But, as you can see in the main picture above of Italian Greyhound rescue Cyrus hugging his iCalmDog, you may not be able to get it away from your dog. You have your iPhone and iPod, now Buster has is own iPawd. Want to win an  iCalmDog for your dog or your favorite rescue organization?

Here’s how to win the… 


icalm_handEnter a comment below and tell us where your dog would go with his/her own iCalmDog. Or tell us how your fave rescue org would benefit. You will automatically be entered to win an iCalmDog by Through a Dog’s Ear. For additional chances to win, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, and leave a separate comment for each social network. Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be announced in a future blog post by Lisa Spector. Good luck!

(Please note: Contest is open to Lisa’s blog subscribers with a U.S. mailing address. If you purchase an iCalmDog before the winner is announced and you win, you can choose to donate your iCalmDog to a rescue or shelter, or we can refund your money. Prize value = $79.95)

Photo Credit of Cyrus hugging his iCalmDog in bed: Lori Brown

Delivering Calm, four paws at a time…

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43 thoughts on “High Tech Gadgets for Pets (Win an iCalmDog)

  1. Where would my do go? Nowhere would be great! Maybe she would stay out of her hidey hole and hang with me & her sis. We miss her durning storms and fireworks and worry about her. Her sis will even stay and guard her hidey hole.

  2. Harley, our Great Dane/Foxhound/St Bernard mix is very agitated during storms, especially the heavy monsoons we get during Arizona summers. Our friends have a lovely cabin up in the mountains where we go to escape the heat, but the storms are just as bad (if not worse) at higher elevations–and there aren’t any music playing devices up there! It’s an intentionally quiet, peaceful place where the sounds of nature take center stage. If we had an iCalmDog for Harley, we would ALL enjoy being at the cabin!

  3. This would be wonderful for my daughter’s dog. She really panics when it storms with no one home and has even torn loose a couple of wires on her crate. It would create a much safer environment for her!

  4. Oliver would be curled up on the bed with his iPawd, living the dream.

  5. This is so wonderful! I have 2 of the Through a Dog’s Ear cds and my 3 girls love them. The icalm dog is just perfect to set it next to where they sleep.

  6. Heartland Sheltie Rescue would use it at adoption events to help the nervous shelties settle more easily and overcome their anxiety of traveling to new places even when they’re not in the car listening to music.

  7. The CDs have helped my ole lab Moka in so many ways. You can’t always predict when thunderstorms are going to hit here in Houston, and I’ve often played one of the CDs while driving to training sessions with him. I could just see him curled up in the car with his iCalm while Mom drives him to his favorite places – training, pet therapy, the pet food store…!

  8. my border collie is hyper vigilent. living in a city is not good for her, she is always chasing some noise. i love talk radio and the thru a dogs ear cds to cover the noises and help her relax.

  9. My JiJi hates Thunderstorms,Fireworks well any loud noise. I’ve tried many things to help her nothing really worked. One night we were having a bad storm and she was in bad shape. I got online and found this site. I sat down in the floor with her and played the sample songs. She was able to breath and the shaking stopped. I was amazed at how much it helped her. WE Thank you! JiJi would love to win this.

  10. My dog would curl up on the couch with her icalm if she had one.

  11. Kaily, my 3 year old beagle, doesn’t do thunderstorms well at all. She can actually smell them coming before they get here! She curls up by the back of the toilet and the wall and hides. No treats can get her out. Good thing thunderstorms don’t last too long! Definitely could use an icalm for my little beagle baby!

  12. Lucy is my rescue and she has an extreme fear of thunder, fireworks, and gunshots… She is beside herself and has destroyed 2 door frames, and the wall… upon replacing the door on a Thursday evening, Friday there were unexpected thunderstorms while I was at work.. needless to say that door and frame didn’t survive… It is not about the door or frame, it is about Lucy’s health. I want her to be able to enjoy her new home and not be afraid.. Should these storms catch us during the night, I have to try to get her out from under the bed where she frantically shreds anything she encounters. I am trying everything possible and a friend referred me to this site regarding the Icalm… Thank You for reading this..

  13. Love my CDs! My lab has noise sensetivities and my border collie has a hard time relaxing at competitions. This would be great to travel with

  14. I would use it in the car for my one dog; he has really bad anxiety when in the car. I would also use it for my other dog for thunderstorms. He hates them and being in the south makes it hard to escape them.

  15. I would love to try this product. My dog is always on edge. He gets scared by everyday noises around the house. He seems to not know where certain noises come from (I think he might be deaf in one ear?) he will panic and search under beds, tables etc for something making the noise. He gets quite distressed.
    I wonder if this would help calm him?

  16. This would help my dog with his fear of thunder.

  17. My boy would go anywhere I can take him, really! Training classes, shows, anywhere! Would be really amazing to have this. He gets so over the top excited and anxious any time I step away a minute-your music has saved him so much stress! The bad thing is our stereo has no repeat button, so if I am gone longer than about 3 hrs, he becomes a mess because the music stops and he expects me home. Really this would be wonderful home or away!

    1. Congratulations! You won an iCalmDog for Shadow. Can’t wait to hear what he thinks about his new iPawd!

  18. Shared on twitter!

  19. Shared on Facebook 🙂

  20. Also re-pinned on pinterest!

    1. Love it. Thanks for all of the social shares Meghan!

  21. Brownie would take her iCalmDog upstairs to my bed when the storm warning begins. She would turn it on (with help) and use it to soothe her during the Nebraska storms in the summer. From June 25-July 7, she’d crank it up a little more since ALL fireworks are legal in our area and this makes her terribly fearful 🙁

    Snickers (Brownie’s sister) would take her iCalmDog in our minivan. She trembles and whines when we get in and bring her with us, yet we feel awful when Brownie comes along and we leave her home…since we know she hates the car.

  22. What a wonderful gadget. I would use it to keep my puppies calm while I am away form home.

  23. Shared on Pintrest 🙂

  24. Shared on my Facebook wall 🙂

    1. Thanks for all of the social shares Stacey!

  25. My newly adopted rescue, Fynn, would love to have an ICalmDog to keep him company the nights when I work.

  26. Thanks for all of the fabulous comments. I’m loving hearing all of the creative ways that iCalmDog will be used to help dogs. Just a reminder, “Contest is open to Lisa’s blog subscribers with a U.S. mailing address.”

    If you are not yet a blog subscriber, please click on “Fetch Lisa’s Blog” on the upper right hand side of this blog page. If you are a newsletter subscriber, but not yet also a blog subscriber, you’ll be sent an email that allows you to update your list preferences.

    Thanks again and good luck to all!

  27. We would love this! The dogs love the music, and a portable unit would be an answer to prayer!

  28. My dog has severe thunderstorm anxiety. I use your calming CDs to help him remain calm during storms when we’re at home, so he doesn’t hurt himself or damage the inside of our house. I would love to try the icalmdog because it would be very convenient to bring with us when we travel.

  29. Milo came home with us recently from a local shelter. He’s a playful 7 month old puppy, filled with love and much anxiety. With the iCalmDog we hope Milo’s anxiety lessens; we hope to all get some sleep as he becomes calm and relaxed at bedtime. Our other shelter rescue dog, Odie, would also appreciate some calm and quiet nighttime rest.

  30. My dog and I would love to take it camping with us in August. Thankfully my dog doesn’t have loud noise issues, it’s quite new ones that spook him and cause him to bark. I always tell him ‘I do that ‘ when he barking at some noise he never heard before. The music also helps in the car on the way to a agility trial or the park when he’s all excited. I frequently use one of the CD’s to put us both to sleep at night.

  31. I would use the icalmdog right at home with Jake. We just moved and he has been listening to the cd’s and really responds but….September awaits and back to the classroom for me and Jake will be home alone. :o(

  32. My precious Emma Kay would use her iCalmDog in the car, at the vet, at daycare, actually everywhere we go. She has anxiety issues so she begins to drool the second we start for the car. We have seven of the CD’s that work beautifully in the car and at home but the iCalmDog would be perfect for taking outside the car into other places.

  33. I would like to take this on every business trip/long weekend and put it literally under the noses of my charity-forward animal advocates with deep pockets. Then they could hear it, touch it, test it on their own rescues, see the portability and envision the practicality of it for their many shelter/animal rescue organizations. The item is efficient to ship to multiple locations domestically and abroad and I would hope they would consider purchasing a bunch and sharing the wealth.

  34. My GSD Einstein would like this to help keep him calm on those days when life is a bit overwhelming for both of us. Hm, maybe I use would use it more…:)

  35. Dr Paula of DogSpaResortWellness in Desert Hot Springs told us about your talents on her blog.
    I love my little red can of piano music, I am playing it now for humans and pets alike. I intend to also travel with it to California to keep my seniors happy plus me.

  36. Thanks for the great feedback everyone. Loving hearing all the ways that your dogs could use an iCalmDog. We’ll be choosing the winner Monday night and announcing it in a blog post Tuesday morning. So, you still have time to be social and share.

    And, remember that you need to be a blog subscriber to win. You can sign up on the upper right side of this page, where it says “Fetch Lisa’s Blog”.

    Thanks and good luck to all!

  37. Thanks for entering the contest everyone. Loved all the comments on ideas on how your dogs would use an iCalmDog. Congrats to Meghan Riegler on winning the grand prize of an iCalmDog. Thanks to all the social shares to all… Lisa

  38. I would use and iCalm with my youngest Smooth Fox Terrier (Jameson) and my miniature Dachshund, Britta. Britta doesn’t fear anything except fireworks, and poor Jamie is afraid of thunderstorms. His thundershirt helps some, but doesn’t completely quell his anxiety. They both would benefit from the soothing music, and all of our dogs (two female SFTs) would enjoy having the music play! They all spend a lot of time piled up together as a pack!

  39. My name is Toby. I am a maltese-shih tzu mix and I love your cd’s that my Mom bought! I am afraid of miller moths and hide from them at night in Mom’s office. I admit that I also bark excessively at rabbits that run in the field behind my house. Mom also plays the piano for me but she can’t stay up all night. I wish I had my very own ipawd.! Thanks, Toby.

  40. I am probably very late here but my husband and & have a special needs rescued pitbull mix named Macy. She was a Craigslist puppy and the couple who got her found out that she had Parvo. She fought and survived!! However the vet told them that she was a pitbull and they became scared. So in their infinite wisdom they took this sweet girl to a “vet” in Miami and had all bit 6 of her teeth removed. When we adopted her 8 years ago it took two weeks for her to come out of her cage. She is so terrified of thunder, fireworks and even motorcycles that she actually goes into full blow seizures. I lost my job over a year ago and as soon as I get back to work I am looking forward to trying this for her. She has come so far, we have worked with her tirelessly. If this helps her we will be on cloud 9! We just want our little girl to have all the opportunities that she can! Thank you for your work, I am looking forward to eventually trying it for our Macy!

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