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It Works So Good! Can I Have My Money Back?

At Through a Dog’s Ear we receive the most interesting calls and emails from customers. I am not making this up. The following is actual feedback from consumers. In one case, the purchaser almost asked for her money back, which we would have honored with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Customer 1: My dog used to get so excited when I came home from work. He’d bark, jump on me, and was so happy to see me. Now, he looks at me as if to say, “Welcome home, I’m going back to sleep now.” I miss his previous greeting.

My suggestion: If you want him to keep jumping up on you and barking when you get home, then stop playing the Calm your Canine 3-CD series when you are gone.

Customer 2: My dog ordinarily freaks out during thunderstorms. She drools, pants, whines, and shakes. But, when I play  “Thunderstorms” from the Canine Noise Phobia series with the clinically tested calming music underneath the sounds of thunder, she stays calm and peaceful, no matter how high I turn up the volume of the thunder sounds.

My suggestion: Keep playing the soundtracks from Thunderstorms. In addition, combine this with something that she associates as fun and enjoyable. For example, play fetch with her, teach her some tricks, or have chicken fall from the sky. Before no time, she will think that the sounds of thunder means great things are going to be brought into her environment.

Customer 3: I love your music. But, I never get to hear the entire CD. I put it on at bedtime, and all the two- and four-leggeds fall asleep. So, I’ve only heard a few tracks of it..

My suggestion: Our Calm your Canine Companion series is designed to start on any track. If you’ve only heard the beginning of one of these CD’s, try starting in the middle. Or start on track #3 one night, then track #6 the next, etc. By the end of the week, you will have enjoyed all the tracks of Calm your Canine Vol. 1. The next week, start with Vol. 2 and then Vol. 3 the following week.

Are you barking about Through a Dog’s Ear? We’d love to hear how your dogs are reacting to our clinically tested music. Thanks for posting your feedback in a comment.

Have you tried Sound Therapy for your dogs? Through a Dog’s Ear is the first music clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system.

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4 thoughts on “It Works So Good! Can I Have My Money Back?

  1. How do you continuously play them all night long? I have a senior dog that has anxiety in the middle of the night.

    1. Hi Heidi – It would completely depend on the type of device you play it on. Some CD players have a “repeat” button. I often have my iPod playing when I go to sleep with all three volumes of Calm your Canine.

      Would love to know how your dog responds.



  2. Please help. My dog really needs this CD but my CD player will not play it repeatedly. If someone knows of an inexpensive CD player that will repeat it endlessly, I will be most grateful.

    1. Cheryl – iCalmDog plays the music on auto-repeat. While it’s the portable solution to canine anxiety, many people play it at home while plugged into an outlet so that it plays forever.

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