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Jumping Through Hoops for Shelters and Rescues

Chloe – Rescued by Terri O’Connor from Border Collie Rescue Texas

Through a Dog’s Ear recently held our 3rd annual Word Game. The five day event involved participants unscrambling a daily word, while downloading a free music track from one of our seven recordings. The object of the game was to unscramble all five words, put them in a five word sentence, and submit an entry as soon as the final word was revealed at 9 am EDT Sunday, December 09.

What an amazing group of dedicated dog lovers with big hearts, desiring to do everything possible to help pets in need. They were jumping through hoops to win calming canine music for their favorite shelter or rescue.

At exactly 6:00 am PDT, contest emails were filling my inbox. By 6:08 PDT, I had received 10 correct entries for the unscrambled words and sentence. And the correct sentence….

Conscious guardianship engenders sensorial awareness.

24 hours later, entries were still being submitted. People on the west coast were setting their alarms for 5:55 am (including moi) and people in Hawaii either stayed up until 3 am, or set their alarms to rise before the sun. About 75 correct entries were received. Winners were determined by the order in which they arrived in my inbox. 

And the winners please……

GRAND PRIZE of a 2012 Through a Dog’s Ear  Holiday Gift-Pak goes to Jill Gerlof.

Mixed Up Mutts Society in British Columbia also benefits from Jill’s winning prize. They will be receiving the Calm your Canine 3-CD series. The following rescues and shelters also receive the Calm your Canine series and the winners get to keep Music for the Canine Household for themselves.

Courtenay Watson: Mixed Up Mutt Society (British Columbia, Canada)

Sue Hillerby: Georgian Triangle Humane Society (Ontario, Canada)

Dolly Ensey: Heart of Texas Lab Rescue (Austin, TX)

Dave Westenbarger: Athens County Humane Society (Athens, OH)

Allison Schaefer: Mixed Up Mutts Society (British Columbia, Canada)

Nancy Luckhurst: Humane Society of Greater Rochester (Fairport, NY)

Lauren Paul: ABMC Charitable Trust – Rescue Fund (Tilghman Island, MD)

Deborah Seline: Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin (Port Washington, WI)

Jeff Drier: Humane Society of Tampa Bay (Tampa, Fl)

And since three of the first 10 winners were rooting for the same shelter, we’ll send nine CD’s to Mixed Up Mutts Society, and designate one additional winner to receive Music for the Canine Household, while her chosen shelter receives the Calm your Canine music series:

Teresa Armstrong: City of Jefferson Animal Shelter (Jefferson City, MO)

I can barely wait to get to the post office and play Santa again this year to homeless dogs. Thanks to everyone who played our 2012 word game and congratulations to all! If you weren’t a winner, check out our special holiday offers. With prices this discounted, you can still play Santa and bring them to your favorite shelter or rescue. The music has been known to help dogs get adopted and keep them in their forever homes. Wouldn’t that be the best holiday gift?

And make sure you tell your favorite shelter/ rescue org about our “Music for Shelters Program”. If they fill out an application and are approved to receive our donated music, the dogs might just be snoozing in their new forever homes before New Year’s.

Receive a FREE DOWNLOAD from the Through a Dog’s Ear

Calm your Canine Companion Music Series

Simply click here, enter your email address and a link to the free download will be delivered to your inbox for you and your canine household to enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Jumping Through Hoops for Shelters and Rescues

  1. Hooray! I am so happy I won for Lollypop Farm (The Humane Society of Greater Rochester)! They are an AMAZING shelter and even take in animals from other shelters!

    Thank you, Lisa!!!!

    1. Congratulations Nancy! Thanks for playing the Word Game and thanks for all you do to help animals in need!

  2. Congrats to all the winners, of which we all are, just by knowing about and listening to Lisa’s wonderful soothing music! Thank you for giving all of us an opportunity to play and share with our favorite rescues. Looking forward to hearing & playing the Through A Cat’s Ear for my petsitting clients next year. Happy Holidays and calm listening to everyone!

    1. Yes, congrats to all. Anyone who cares for dogs (or any animal) has my undying gratitude and thanks.

    2. Aw, that is so sweet Dolly. Thank you for playing and for continuing to spread the word about Through a Dog’s Ear and, soon to be, Through a Cat’s Ear!

  3. Oh, Lisa, Thank You! Thank You! Georgian Triangle Humane Society does such wonderful work here in the Georgian Bay area. I am thrilled to think that the shelter animals will be soothed by your beautiful music whilst they wait to find their forever homes.

    Happy Holidays to all of you at TADE.

    1. Thanks Sue. Here’s to the music you won helping them all get adopted into their forever homes!

  4. Congrats to the folks who were able to get the word game correctly! Was a challenge!
    The paws will love the music!

    1. We tried to make it a bit more challenging and a little tricky this year. I was impressed with all the people who played!

  5. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize.
    Congratulations to everyone, especially the animals that will benefit from this generous donation.
    Thanks again Lisa for your beautiful music!!!!

    1. Lauren – You are very welcome! Congrats and thanks for all you do to help animals in need!

  6. Thank you so much for doing this again for another holiday season! It was a lot of fun following along. Congratulations to the winner! There are going to be a lot of relaxed dogs in the future!

    1. And thanks for sharing the free downloads and contest in your blog. Much appreciated Kristine!

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