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Nightly Rituals with Dogs

Truth be told, I am a late night owl and Sanchez and Gina aren’t. They usually go to sleep hours before me. By the time I retire, I listen to Through a Dog’s Ear music to help me fall asleep, not them.

However, our nightly ritual involves me playing the piano last thing every night, just before I go up to bed. While they have a choice of several dog beds, they always choose to sleep on their beds under the piano when I am playing music from the Through a Dog’s Ear 7-CD series.

I hope you enjoy a segment of our nightly ritual. The music is one of my personal favorites from our Calm your Canine series, Schumann’s “Kind im Einschlummern” from Kinderscenen (Scenes from Childhood). While the German really translates to “Child Falling Asleep”, I’d like to title it “Hunde im Einschlummern” or “Dogs Falling Asleep”.

Do you have a nightly ritual with your dogs? If you haven’t slumbered off into all zzzzzzzz’s watching the video, thanks for sharing your ritual in a comment below.

Delivering Calm, four paws at a time…

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8 thoughts on “Nightly Rituals with Dogs

  1. Too lovely. I used to suffer from terrible insomnia before I got a dog. Music like this might have helped me recover and find a bit of calm as well. Now that I have a dog I find I am so tired from getting up so early to walk her that I have more difficulty staying awake than falling asleep!

    1. Thanks Kristine. Many people who suffer from insomnia have told us that Through a Dog’s Ear music is the only thing that’s helped them to fall asleep and stay asleep. New tag line? Through a Dog’s Ear…. For human insomniacs.

  2. If I forget to start the CD, my Sheltie will lay down right next to the CD player and wait for me to start his music.

    1. That is so cute. I’d love to use that as a testimonial with a picture of your Sheltie. Do you have my email to send me one? Thanks in advance.

      We once heard from a woman whose Golden would start barking at the speakers until she started playing Through a Dog’s Ear. These are some of my favorite stories!

  3. Our Austr. Shepherd mix goes to both sides of our bed, first to my husband, then to me, to be stroked & told she’s been a good girl & done a good job guarding our home & our other dogs. Then, she goes to her bed for the night!

  4. Beautiful music that I will definitely be listening to. I have a yellow lab (slimdoggy jack) and a black lab (Maggie) that look just like your two! We have a nightly ritual that includes a walk up the driveway for potty breaks and then a couple of treats and then they get tucked into their beds. May introduce this music too! Thank you.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    The very first time I played your music was a very stressful night. I had just gotten out of the hospital and my maltese Punkin was very wound up. There was also a party in the neighborhood. I had found out about your music on “It’s me or the dog” and decided to download the music onto my kindle. As soon as Punkin heard it she laid her head on my kindle and fell fast asleep. WOW!
    I too play the piano and Punkin really seems to like Chopin. I now that you have made some changes in the music. Have you considered selling the sheet music with the changes so people can play it just like on the cds? Thanks for the great music and it is great for me too!

    1. Thanks Melissa. I’m so glad that Punkin finds Through a Dog’s Ear music so calming. She’s got good taste if she likes Chopin!

      We have had many requests to publish the re-arranged classical piano compositions. It’s on our long list, but can’t promise when.

      Glad to hear that you are enjoying the music too. Thanks for your feedback.

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