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Case Study: iCalmDog Music Stopped Barking Dog in Under 20 Seconds!

stop barking dog

I was recently in Arizona with Gina for Cynosport World Agility Games. And down in the main arena, I noticed that all of the stimulation was getting to be a bit overwhelming for Gina (and for me too!). To make matters worse, our crating area was near a non-stop barking dog. An anxious border collie that was way too overstimulated!

To help her reduce her anxiety and increase concentration and circulation, I signed Gina up for a canine massage with Dr. Cindy DiFranco while iCalmDog played in the background.

During the 5-day trial, I had been leaving Gina’s iCalmDog on her crate in-between runs. But, the barking dog in our crating area was driving us crazy! So, I asked the handler if I could bring over my iCalmDog to see if the clinically-tested music reduced his barking. I have to admit, Nim’s barking was so intense that I wasn’t even sure it would work, but watch the video below to see what happened in 20 seconds.

How to stop your dog from barking:


That’s the power of bioacoustically-designed iCalmDog music! Even in the most possible stressed environment!

Now how it get it next door to my neighbor’s dogs that are always awake at 3 am…

107 thoughts on “Case Study: iCalmDog Music Stopped Barking Dog in Under 20 Seconds!

  1. This would help my senior furbaby with her constant licking of her paws, humping on her stuffed toys and seeking attention almost 24 hours a day.

  2. Helping my 3 rescue border collies during a very stressful time of packing up our house and moving to a new one

  3. I would use this in our dog kennel area at the impound facility that I work at. A lot of the dogs that are brought in to us are stressed out, and I think this would help calm and quiet them. It would be possible to put it by the kennel that the stressed dog is in since it is portable.

  4. I found the video extremely interesting. The barking stopped but there was still some stress signals, (yawn, lip lick) It would be interesting to know if the second dog eventually laid down.

  5. An iCalmDog 3.0 would be SO very helpful to my dogs and my family! I have two beloved rescue dogs, who were good sleepers until about 6 months ago, they transformed into nighttime barkers, which is keeping us all up at night. An iCalmDog 3.0 plus a dark room would be THE solution to our problem.
    Alternately, I volunteer at The Barking Lot in San Diego, and this wonderful rescue could make great use of this device, too!

  6. My australian shepherd, Vinnie has anxiety and noise phobias . I’d love to try this in our home and car for him . I hate that he’s scared. If it works for him, I have students that could try

  7. This would help my two dogs with their separation anxiety and constant barking at our door!

  8. I have a border collie mix that is constantly barking and getting into trouble. Once he starts barking my Aussie mix starts too. My Aussie is a rescue that has tons of anxiety . I would use it at home.

  9. I would love to be able to try this out at our shelter. With funding always a struggle, we cannot afford to waste $ if something does not work for us, but would be happy to promote and purchase if it did.

  10. We have four dogs, three of whom are rescue pups. (The fourth was born 13 years ago in our guest room, a litter courtesy of a pregnant rescue mom.) Our three youngsters are big barkers, and our home has become a very loud place again. We have a border collie/terrier mix who might especially benefit from this iCalmDog–I’d love it if she became a calm dog herself.

  11. I have six dogs which are easily spooked. All one dog has to do is bark and the rest join in. My son says that our dogs could hear a mosquito fart in a cotton field and then it would bark at it.

  12. This would help my Bischon/Maltese Mix with her separation anxiety, constant barking at EVERY noise outside our door, and anxious car rides. Please help Zoe and I!

  13. Rescue pooches are all nervous and afraid. I had 6 mini dachshunds. Not knowing if the music would make a difference, I turned the music on. Within a few minutes all 6 had stopped barking &/or playing and laid down quietly. After about 15 minutes, I turned the music off and within a few minutes they got up and resumed playing. At bedtime, I played the music. One night I forgot to turn it on. One of the pooches started whimpering, I turned the music on, he fell asleep. The next night, I did not turn on the music, and he whimpered. The moment he heard the music start, he laid down and went to sleep. Nothing short of a miracle for calming rescue dogs.

  14. My Lillie can be very reactive to any activity outside. I would love to see if this would help keep her calmer.

  15. I foster greyhounds rescued from the track (and have adopted one as well). They have a horrid life, if you can call it that. They live in their crates for hours on end, only let out to race, breed or go to the bathroom. Many times they are left in their urine and feces. Such is a very stressful life and when we rescue them, they don’t even know how to be a “dog”. Many are so skiddish and terrified of everyday sights and sounds we take for granted. Having one of the iCalmDog Therapy units would immensely help in their transition from anxiety to relaxation. I’d love to try one and possibly end up with a few :0)

  16. our 9 year old mixed breed dog has been at the vet hospital for two weeks dealing with pancreatitis. He is extremely anxious but more so since returning home. This would help him and also would be used at our vet clinic.

  17. Our 11 year old Standard Poodle loves all of the CD’s we have from Through a Dog’s Ear. It would be really good to have a portable version, especially for when we visit our adult children with their (much younger) dogs. Who knows, they may even like the iCalmDog enough that they will want their own! Thanks for all that you do

  18. This would really help my little doxie stop annoying the neighbors and prevent me from getting kicked out because of his non-stop barking. He’s very sweet, but very anxious.

  19. It would be so great to use the iCalm with my service dog who has decided to talk, no barking just a continuous noise that varies in pitch and volume when he wants something,ie. food and won’t quit until he is fed!

  20. I have a first gen iCalmDog. I use it for one of my rescue girls who goes into fear freakout mode with fireworks, thunder, bad storms. Newer with longer battery life would be neat. My mom can set for all day play when she can’t get them out during the winter.

  21. This will help my old dog through fireworks which she has just become afraid of, and also good to take with both of my dogs to competitions to help with environment and ring stress.

  22. Our Border Collie Dixie just about has a heart attack everytime we have a Thunderstorm; especially with lightning, hears shots being fired (it’s hunting season starting yesterday), or there are fireworks or other loud sounds. I have tried everything: Calming collars, calming music, stress drops and calming chews, the Thundershirt (my husband calls it the straight jacket), and still, even if I lie next to her, she pants like she is hyperventilating, and tries to climb under things, or on top of me. We even have a “Safe” closet designated for her. I would love to try this product, and I will be your best salesperson if it works.

    1. Linda – Did you see the good news? Congratulations! You won an iCalmDog.

      I’ll be in touch via email for your postal mailing address.

      Enjoy and happy holidays. Can’t wait to hear what Dixie thinks of iCalmDog 3.0.

  23. Our ten year old dachshund is suddenly nearly blind and is being aggressive toward our other babies. I think an iCalm would go a long way toward making him less nervous about his new situation.

  24. I play your CDs for my pit/ Dalmatian rescue every time we leave her alone. She was terrified of everything when we got her. The music really helps to soothe her. She now knows that when the music is on, it is time to rest. It would be great to be able to bring it to the vet for visits. They are traumatic for her. I have to give her anti-anxiety meds every time.

  25. I would love to give one to my sister to help calm her dogs and bring peace to their household.

  26. Both my dogs go crazy when someone comes to the door. My peekapoo barks the whole time someone is here. HELLLLLP!!!!!

  27. Our dog tends to have difficulty with change, unfamiliar men and any sense of stress she picks up from the other animals or her human family or what she perceives as stressful,. We would hope it would make her life easier and less stressful. We also work with a collie rescue agency — Almost Home and would be happy to loan it to any of fosters who wanted to see how it worked with a dog. They often have dogs who have been in difficult situations and are fearful or appear stressed.

  28. I would take it everywhere! I have one that is a barker and the other who can’t sit still.

  29. I live in a rural area where hunting is a popular sport. I would use this to calm them when they start hearing guns. They are also scared of thunder, and my three dogs would benefit. I also work with a humane society and would take this to our mobile spay/neuter clinics.

  30. I would love to try this at the clinic I work at during the holiday season. It gets very loud in the boarding area and can be heard in grooming (my area) and treatment. That noise puts EVERY one on edge.

  31. Fizz my rescue Bichon was one of 6 dogs in a house. He has no manners and barks at “EVERYTHING” he sees or hears, or thinks he sees or hears. He also gets car sick, but I now that I have the CD for the car, and it works like ‘Magic’. Maybe he could go Kayaking with me again and not be sick. I know this would help in the house.

  32. I have a car-barking dog. I am hoping that this will solve the issue since she doesn’t bark when I’m in the area.

  33. I have one of nine that is a barker- when she starts the others chime in
    Oh- it would be fantastic

  34. I’d love to win one for the vet clinic I work in. I bought one and have it on at home for my own dogs. Dogs get so stressed at the clinic when they are there that I think it would be a fabulous addition.

  35. I would really love to donate this to my local animal shelter, the Macon-Bibb County Animal Welfare Center. They work so hard to save animals and find them good homes. Money is extremely tight for them and just based on my visits to the center, they could use this to help calm animals, especially the dogs they get in from mass hoarding cases. They have had to pick up as many as 60 dogs at one time and in those cases the dogs are understandably scared and nervous. I this would really help the dogs adjust and feel more comfortable and at ease in the center until they get adjusted and I know the staff and volunteers would be so grateful for it. They really care about the animals and do their best to adopt and foster any that they can. I think this gift would really boost their spirits and show them how much we appreciate what the do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  36. I would love to win one for my dog who suffers with separation anxiety BUT IN THE SPIRIT OF RESCUE, I would donate mine to my local no kill animal shelter to helps sad frightened confused dogs get a chance at a loving forever home .

  37. #iCalmDog would be so handy & helpful in our household. We now have 3 rescue dogs (2 are a senior bonded pair recently adopted). No one dog is a problem barker but when 3 start in…! We have 2 of your CDs, used when we must be away for hours or when thunder is expected [we live in SF Bay Area] but the new format would be so handy, i.e, when transporting Dottie, Charlotte & Peanut (the senior bonded pair) to the vet’s!

  38. #iCalmDog. Not expecting another chance at winning, but I forgot to say that while I am already a believer in your approach to calming dogs, the video of the Border Collie was VERY IMPRESSIVE!

  39. My Luna needs it for her separation anxiety!

  40. I’d love an iCalm! We have 3 dogs & 2 cats, then another dog when family moved in! We’re always rescuing & will be training a DAV service animal soon. My in-laws rescue too, they always have a house full! Hopefully it helps calm the humans around too….

  41. We have a holistic veterinary practice and the icalm would be a wonderful addition in the treatment rooms to calm nervous patients, and to recommend to clients.

  42. This would be so helpful for my Staffords who have anxiety after dark with sounds, shadows, reflections on windows etc. Love to win this icalm.

  43. My beloved girlfriend (5 yr old standard poodle, Sadie) suffers terribly with separation anxiety. She barks non-stop when I leave the house, according to my neighbors. She waits for me outside the bathroom door, nose pressed up against the crack. I have to be in her sight at all times. I’m used to all that but the barking is so annoying to my neighbors who have remained kind hearted about her noise. I apologize weekly to them. I try not to leave Sadie alone for any extended length of time because of the barking. Grocery trips are short, no more than 1/2 an hour. I would love to have something to soothe her and keep her calm.

  44. I have a rescued Canary Dog, Bax, who has chronic anxiety.
    He is 53kgs and I have MS but it is his terrible anxiety that stops us both enjoying life and the beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland where we live.
    I have been with Bax 24/7 for 13 months and cannot leave him for a minute.
    If we could have an icalm it would go EVERYWHERE with us, just as his anxiety goes EVERYWHERE!

  45. I am a pet sitter and use the cds nightly to play as the dog’s sleep. I have gone through many cds as I have played them so much a few have worn out. It is amazing the result. I would love an iCalm to try out. I do have some intense barkers.

  46. My rescue pup Lyla gets pretty bad separation anxiety when I’m out of the room or the house. She also gets pretty anxious just in the house if she can hear what’s going on next door or outside the house. I hope the iCalm can provide some soothing sounds to listen to instead, and that it helps with her anxiety.

  47. My little girl suffers from separation anxiety, the iCalm would help to relax her. She starts quivering the minute that I start getting ready to go out. I hate leaving her but unfortunately there are lots of places that dogs aren’t welcome.

  48. Love my iCalm Dog. I take it to every agility trial and all the surroundings dogs benefit from it. The nearby handlers always comment on how much more quiet their dogs are.
    I don’t leave home without it. I take it in the car when my more anxious dog has to travel. I would be lost without it.
    My advice: Don’t leave home without it!!

  49. An iCalm would be helpful in my dog classes and also when working with clients with stressed dogs. This could be something they would want too. Thank you.

  50. I posted the video to my Facebook page, that was incredible! If I won I’d love to share with friends who have a really hyper dog…. they need this badly!!

  51. I have an original icalm. I use it at home with my 5 shelter dogs, in my training classes when I work on calming and relaxation skills and use it a lot at the shelter where I volunteer to calm stressed dogs. Having 2 would be a big help since I sometimes forget to bring it with me. I also use it in my car when doing rescue transfers.

  52. I would love to try this with my Board and Train dogs that stay with me at my house. I believe all dogs could benefit from it to help them be calm and make their stay away from home lesser stressful.

  53. My lab had issues with car rides and dealing with my mother after my shepherd died. The Car Edition cd was my first trial and helped her get through her car rides issues. After such a positive experience with the cd I purchased the iCalm. Not only has it helped her deal with the stress my mother causes her (and me as well LOl) but she lets me know when and when she needs it on with a certain whine. I would love to win the new model since the blinking light and loud sounds turning the devise on and off bother her. We would donate our old one to help other dogs.

    1. Glad to hear how much Driving Edition helped your up, along with an earlier model of iCalmDog. If you liked that, you’ll love the 3.0 model. It’s the first one that is custom made. No more blinking lights or sound prompts. Just soothing canine tunes for the most sensitive of pups. (And good luck to both of you with your mother. Maybe iCalmMother is next 😉

  54. My doggie loves Your Through a Dog’s Ear cd’s, which we play at night to sleep, but now he gets acupuncture for a bad leg and I’d love to bring it to play while he sits with the acupuncture needles in. He gets antsy and won’t settle down often and I know your music helps him. I also play your music when I do Reiki on animals. I have been bringing a boom box with me with the cds but an icalm would be so much easier to use!

  55. Have enjoyed the Through a Dog’s Ear CDs for several years now and raised 2 litters of pups on them! Obviously the need for a CD player limits where and how we can enjoy them. Would therefore LOVE an iCalmDog. We would take it everywhere with us!

  56. I purchased an icalmdog version 1 for my senior dog’s 12th birthday. Unfortunately it stopped working shortly after she passed away at 12.5. Her younger brother would enjoy having his own, particularly for car trips which he finds more stressful without his big sister. He’s listened to the CD every time we leave him at home alone for almost his whole life, I know he’d like to have a portable version 🙂

  57. I have the previous model and love the flexibility it provides. However as you might recall I had issues with the usability of the function buttons, which makes it difficult for me to set the volume at the level I would like. My dog struggles to relax in the car on the occasions I need to leave him in it so to have a model that I can reliably use would be an absolute boon for me. Thanks for making our animals happy.

    1. Claire – Yes, the iCalmDog 3.0 buttons are simplified – much easier to control and set at the volume you prefer. Good luck!

  58. I think an iCalm would really help alleviate Wolffie’s separation anxiety and licking, especially when he’s cared for by our dog sitter when we go on vacation.

  59. My 9-year-old mixed breed rescue has horrible thunder and fireworks anxiety. Nothing calms him – from a thundershirt, to essential oils, to tranquilyzers. We’ve tried everything. In addition, he barks incessantly at home when he hears things or sees people approaching. We cannot leave windows or the front door open. If he’s home alone and any of these things strike, it is especially bad and he will try to force himself into a closet or any corner of a room. I would love to see if this would make both of our lives easier.

  60. I have 3 rescue dogs…a 12 yr. old Newfie mix, a 5 yr. old Border Collie mix, and a 3 yr. old Curly coated retriever mix (we believe). The youngest is a therapy dog who regularly visits an assisted living facility & works with people who have various medical issues including dementia. He brings them great joy, but while completely worn out when we leave, he can,at times, also be a little anxious. An iCalm would be nice to help him relax after working with so many people & issues. It would also be great for my senior dog to help her rest & for the Border Collie who likes to get the whole pack stirred up whenever she sees “something” out of our front window & begins her crazy barking!

  61. I have a 13 year old Yorkie (Scruffy Charlie) who has been accompanying me to work for the past 11 years. Now that we have added a 6 year old Border Terrier (Smitty) to our family, it is hard to take either of them to work with me. Smitty has serious anxiety, and will start his high pitched barking if he even THINKS another dog is walking down the hall. I have to keep my office door shut all day, which is no fun, and I am afraid his barking (which can be set off by the jingle of keys) will lose us the privilege of bringing them to work!
    I loaned out my CD’s of Through a Dog’s Ear to 2 different co-dog-workers, and never got them back! We would love an iCalmDog for Smitty!

  62. The iCalm 3.0 just might save my life. My little yippy dog lies on the back of the couch right near my head. When someone approaches my door, she goes crazy until the person leaves. Starts off right into my ear, and frequently I am on the phone. The house turns into chaos. I have to pick her up while I answer the door!

  63. 3.0 of course!

  64. my anxious borer collie mix is restless and cries at night. when something upsets her, she begins climbing up bookshelves and things. I have tried mellow mutt and calming treats but with limited success. I have a trip in the next few weeks and will have to board her at the vet. I would like to try the icalm dog in the kennel. they have already told me they will allow it if i bring one.

  65. Our Andre is an alumnus of our Lab Rescue group. He had been found bleeding by the roadside and was picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to an emergency clinic, from there to our rescue group. Based on his wounds, we believe he had previously been involved in dog fighting. After a year with us he is still highly reactive versus other dogs and other stimuli. We would like to take him to our group’s events, but his behavior around other dogs makes that doubtful. If this music would calm him down, and would also help our other rescues find their forever homes, there would be a lot of delighted people and their pups.

  66. I think my shizu’s scream/barks would respond to the icalm dog- I know I would!

  67. I would use the icalmdog3 to keep my dog company when she’s alone at home.

  68. I work two jobs, one being at a non profit and no-kill animal shelter where I work with the dogs. We have used music in the past to help, yet I think a variety such as this would be even more beneficial to us all. I also have always had pets growing up and we have several now. Some of them suffer from thunderstorm and firework anxiety, they all are also getting older and have had health issues. While they are doing better now, it is sad to say is that one of them essentially has cancer. In fact I know someone who just lost their childhood pet tonight. It is never easy. All of my family and friends are huge animal lovers, and I’m sure I’ve recommended this website before, at least for the samples. I have used your samples in the past for my personal pets and even those short songs were beneficial.

  69. After reading all of the posted comments, it seems like it will be very challenging to pick one winner of the iCalmDog 3.0–everybody seems worthy of winning! In our case, we have a 15 year old Maltese who has always had separation anxiety since we got her as a puppy. We have to travel long distances with her twice a year and our recent trip was especially difficult for her. She whined and cried all night long which was stressful for everybody–we all needed sleep! I would like my little loyal and faithful companion of 15 years to feel soothed and calm for her remaining time with us and I think iCalmDog 3.0 will do this for her. Thanks for your consideration.

  70. I have a mixed terrier that spends his day defending us from anything that moves. He travels with us in our rv, so we could use the icalm to keep him calm when we are out of the rv, so he wouldn’t annoy the other campers. And at home to get him to chill and not be so nervous!

  71. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Two are extremely frightened of loud noises, like thunder and fireworks. All three bark far more than they should, too. Outside, inside the house when they hear things like delivery trucks or the garbage truck. I can’t even step outside of the house to check on the mail without all three barking. Kenji typically starts, but the other two chime in quickly. I think I’d use this by where they lay in the living room when I leave the house, and anywhere else in the house it would help. All three get stressed when I take them in my vehicle, too, so this would be good there, too.

  72. I agreed to babysit two long-haired Dachschunds seven years ago; they are now my own babies. The 13-year-old is a constant paw-licker; the 11-year-old persistently sounds the alarm to unexpected noises. They both wail when crated for a car ride, to the extent that I use herbal supplements or prescription meds for long trips. I would use the icalm while they are crated during these rides and my work day. I hope it might also help to mellow the ever vigilant one when she is near my sister’s cats.

  73. I have a rescue dog that has some significant fear issues. I think the iCalmDog 3.0 would be a great addition to helping alleviate some of her anxiety.

  74. I would take the iCalmDog 3.0 to the veterinarian when my 8 year old Basset Hound goes for chemotherapy. I think it would keep her calmer as she received the treatments.

  75. please help me see if this will help Sparky, our Doxie rescue pup. His big sister passed away recently and he has no one to play with so he barks and barks and barks. He loved her so much and still misses having another dog to play with. I feel the icalm would help with his stress and anxiety during this transition and would be great to carry in the car on the way to the veterinarian’s office and other short trips we make with him. Thank you for this opportunity!

  76. As a dog behaviourist, I would take the icalm to clients’ houses to try out with any dogs exhibiting stress – I already have the CDs but I think the portability of this device could entice more clients to purchase one when they saw the improvement in their dog’s behaviour!

  77. When I go out to do chores, or go into town for dog meat…my 7 Australian Shepherds will howl together…would be nice to keep them calm and content…

  78. Dear Lisa, you know how long I would like this I calm DOG already for my panic female rescued guardian dog Mae. I’d always take it with us when we go out for a walk, and right now where the hunters are going hunting, for Mae is very afraid of the sound of a gun when shooting or even a few days before New Year’s comes, so she can relax even better. And even at home when we go to bed I would play her wonderful music every evening .. for me would be a heart desires for my heartdog Mae would come true if we were to win. But I wish all the others good luck. We embrace you from the heart and thank you for your wonderful music. Big kiss for you and your two dogs .. Your Uschi and amazing dog Mae ps. sorry for my bad englisch

  79. Four out of my six dogs are terrified of storms and other loud noises. We’ve tried everything to keep them calm during the storms, fireworks, and people hunting or target shooting near our property. I have wanted to try Through a Dog’s Ear since I first heard of it, but financial restraints have kept me from it. I also volunteer with an animal rescue, and would absolutely LOVE to have several of the iCalm Dog and Cat programs to help calm the animals in our rescue center. Maybe a fundraiser is in order?? Hmmmmm….

  80. Our Frenchie, Rolo, suffers from separation distress and other anxieties. A friend of mine is the founder of Mojo’s Hope, a rescue in Alaska and she uses the icalmdog. I’ve seen it do amazing things! If we had the icalmdog we would use it all the time! (It soothes people too!) We would use it when we are not home, when there is a lot of noise and commotion around our condo building, and when we take the dogs out with us on adventures. Thanks for making such a great product!

  81. What a great idea and what a huge fan club you have. ;> I have been promoting Through a Dog’s Ear music since the initial CD’s were available. Your soothing sounds are a great benefit for my canine behavior and massage clients. The prototype iCalmDog “music box” was a wonderful way to showcase and mobilize the use as an anxiety reducing tool. The evolution of the iCalmDog reflects your continued work to bring calm into the lives of dogs and their people. Keep iCalmDog and Carry On!

  82. I would like to try this with my older doggy. She is full of beans, still enjoys a full walk with the other dogs but when we get home she needs to rest to avoid her joints getting stiffer and turning painful later in the day. But the 8 month puppy wants to play, the other dogs take turns to entertain him and older doggy seems to need to supervise and join in. Even when separated – alone or with her favorite room mate – she can not settle until there has been a great deal of fidgeting and barking. Experience tells us that she needs to rest for an equal time to the walk -usually an hour, but it can take the same time again for her to relax!

  83. I have 3 feisty Maltese. They love to eat, bark and sleep….and of course they love me too 😉 I would love to have an iCalmDog to leave with them when I go out, to calm them when visitors are over and especially while they are riding in the car!

  84. I am a dog trainer, so I would use iCalmDog in all my training sessions to help clients and their dogs feel calm and relaxed so they can both learn better and enjoy the training.

  85. Loving all of these comments and reading about the ways everyone would find iCalmDog 3.0 useful. Keep ’em coming!

  86. I would donate the iCalmDog to the Tampa Bay Humane Society’s shelter playgroup program. I had the great fortune of spending a couple of days seeing scared, stressed dogs get acclimated to a playgroup and I know the music would be a huge asset to the amazing work that they do…

  87. as we face a move in the future I would love this to help my Vizsla settle calmly into his new surroundings

  88. We rescued Zoey from a friend whose Grandson could not care for her properly. Due to being tied out all the time and her breed (Great Pyranees), she is a barker and protector. We lover her dearly, however, struggle to let her know she is safe and so are we. Having an iCalm Dog would really help us to calm her and reinforce how much we love her and she is in a safe environment with no need to bark all the time. No one wants to scold their dog for protecting them. Its their nature!

  89. We recently donated an iCalmDog to our shelter in Guilford County, NC. Within hours of donating it we received a call that they wanted us to bring as many as possible because it was making such a difference! We use them routinely in our store with our foster cats to help them adjust when they first come to us. We LOVE this product! We would love to be able to donate more to the Guilford County Animal Shelter in Greensboro, NC.

  90. I would love to donate an iCalmDog to the Humane Society of Clinton County (Indiana). We have so many dogs and I know it would help keep them calm until they can find their forever home. I would donate it in Benjamin’s name-he has been at the shelter for almost 400 days!!!

  91. My SBT is unbelievably anxious in the car. she spins and digs in her crate the whole time we are driving. the only place that I have found she will relax is in the front seat which I hate. hoping the iCalm will help her learn to relax while riding safely in her crate!

  92. I would let is play for my two senior dogs while I am at work in the mornings. They love it and nap so peacefully while it is playing. I feel better when I know they are resting and not anxious while I am gone.

  93. I would love to see if this would help reduce my young dog’s crate barking when we are gone and the neighbor dog barks. Actually, I need to put it where the neighbor dog could hear it and see if we can just quiet the source!

  94. We have two senior Beagles who enjoy music as much as we do. When we aren’t home, I feel the iCalm would provide that positive experience that they so treasure.

  95. I would love to donate an iCalmDog 3.0 to the caretakers of street dogs in Mumbai, who are living in incredibly noisy city conditions! I will figure out a way to ship it to Mumbai…

  96. My border collie/husky mix is very anxious with loud noises – thunder, fireworks. A new house is being built next door, and it makes her very nervous while I am not home. This would help her very much. My Aussie mix is very barky – much like the border collie in the video. She could use this as well!

  97. Don’t know when Lali and I will travel again, but I can see the benefits of this being so much more compact than the CD player I have…

  98. My border collie, Sattva, holds a lot of anxiety on her shoulders. This would help so much.

  99. I love your product and it helped my senior dog Samson so much. If I won, I would donate mine to the Senior Hearts Rescue and Renewal rescue. These seniors are coming from high kill shelters and are often stressed so this would be a great tool in helping them adjust.

    1. Faith – Did you see the good news for the Senior Hearts Rescue and Renewal Rescue? Congrats on winning an iCalmDog 3.0 and donating it to them.

      I’ll be in touch via email to get your mailing address.

      Enjoy and happy holidays!

  100. I’m so touched by all of these (100) comments.

    I’m loving hearing all about all the success you’ve already had with iCalmDog and with the music of Through a Dog’s Ear.

    And, I’m loving hearing about the creative ways that iCalmDog would help your canine household and/or shelters, rescues, vet clinics, etc.

    Winner announced in my blog on 12/14. Thanks for entering and good luck to all.

  101. Hey,
    I couldn’t want anything more than to attempt this at the center I work at during the Christmas season. It gets exceptionally uproarious in the boarding territory and can be heard in prepping and treatment. That commotion bothers EVERY one.

    1. Hi Muriel, you should enter our latest contest to win an iCalmDog speaker and any Micro SD of your choice then! Here’s the link:

      Good luck! 🙂

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