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All Dressed Up For The Holidays

Through a Dog’s Ear Facebook fans recently shared these testimonials with photos of their dogs all dressed up for Christmas. Enjoy!

Cyrus and Flower

“I’m a big fan of the iCalmDog. Cyrus and Flower are both rescued Italian Greyhounds and it works so well for this sensitive breed!”     

Lori Brown, Hawaii


“My Bichon, Jacabee, loves listening to Through a Dog’s Ear. The music helps him relax when traveling. I also run a dog training centre in the U.K. and play your music in my classes to help the dogs keep calm.  It enables them to learn new things in a relaxed environment.”

Alison Garforth, Somerset

Lexi and Lucy

“Our Goldens: Lexi (15) & Lucy (13 1/2). We play the Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine on a continuous loop!”

Annmarie Fisher, Louisiana

 Dino 2

 “Dino is a white Boxer from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue that we are fostering. As you can see, he is really listening to Through a Dog’s Ear.”

Kristin Altman, South Carolina

 Niko the cat in santa suit

“Niko listens to Through a Dog’s Ear with his canine housemates.”

Ashley Oslund, North Carolina

Gina Sanchez Xmas Chanukah
Top: Santa Sanchez and Reindog Gina / Bottom: Gina celebrating Chanukah

Gina and Sanchez join me in wishing you a lovely holiday, no matter what you may be celebrating at this time of year. (Don’t worry, they were very well paid for the photo shoot.)

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