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Advice from a Dog



After reading “Advice from a Dog” on a beautiful card by Ilan Shamir of Your True Nature, I started thinking about everything my dogs have taught me. I have two “career change” dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Sanchez is an 8-year-old Yellow Lab. If Sanchez had a tag line, it would be “It’s All About Me.” If he could talk, these are the words I think he would share with me:



Life is All About You


Be Patient

Treats are the answer to everything

Great days start with tummy rubs

Don’t sit at the computer for too long

If you really want the ball, then you go get it

It’s always a good time for a hike, as long as it’s not raining

 Break out into moments of craziness when people least expect it

Play the piano everyday, and keep helping improve the lives of dogs worldwide with music!


Gina is a two year old Black Lab and couldn’t possibly be more different than Sanchez. Her tag line is “Let’s Play”.  I’ve had her for a little over a year, and she is bringing me different lessons. Here’s what she has to say:

It’s all good

Sleep close to those you love

Take frequent breaks for play time

The more kissing, the better everyone feels

If you are breathing, that is reason enough to be happy

Always keep your toys nearby and play with them often

Playing with another person is so much more fun than playing alone

Be present with your loved ones and they’ll be  present with you

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

Do your animals give you advice in the form of life lessons? Thanks for sharing them in a comment below. Cat lovers, thanks for sharing your as well. Here’s Ilan Shamir’s Advice from a Cat.

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