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The Dog Who Ate Santa

Caught in the Act

Gina is really a good dog. I’m sure she didn’t purposely eat Santa. She just started chewing on him, and all of his padding must have just been too tempting. I love it that Gina goes nuts over tug toys. While it may appear that she is the villain in this crime, I take full responsibility. Santa was meant to be a tug toy, and I accidentally left him out for her to claim and do with as she must. It really should have been in the toy bin with her other tug toys.

Sorry Santa

I often need to explain to dog sitters why tug toys are not supposed to be out all the time for her to play with anytime she wants. I prefer that her toys are interactive and require me to be at the other end of them. I would never buy a machine that automatically throws the ball to her, as I want her to know that I’m the one producing the fun. It not only helps build our relationship, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun either. When she visits other dogs and toys are everywhere, she actually gets way too over-stimulated and acts like a non-stop nervous bundle of energy. In addition to Through a Dog’s Ear calming her nervous system, picking up the toys also helps.

The Evidence

While she actually may be guilty for eating Santa, I confess to co-conspiracy, at least by default. Next time, I’ll leave the Santa tug in the toy bin and get a Michael Vick tug to leave out for her to destroy.

The good news is that all should be calm in the North Pole today. Recently, as part of our “Music in Shelters” program, I sent copies of the Calm your Canine Companion CD’s to the Loving Companions Animal Rescue in North Pole, Alaska.  Since it’s clinically demonstrated to calm both the canine and human nervous system, I hope Mrs. Claus and the North Pole residents are comforted today. I hope they can forgive Gina, especially since she waited calmly while I packaged up 45 CD’s to send to shelters last week. Winners of our annual TaDE Word Game chose their favorite rescues and shelters to receive free Through a Dog’s Ear music, and I played Santa and sent them. It was just my personal way of bringing Santa back to life.

Have you tried Sound Therapy for your dogs? Through a Dog’s Ear is the first music clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system.

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