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The Tales that Won our Hearts

Congratulations to the winners of the first ever iCalmPet Story Contest! Thank you to everyone that submitted, we received so many great stories, it was hard to pick only a handful.

Read the stories that stole our hearts!

Laura Lang placed first with this incredible story:

I had tried everything with my dog MacKenzie and her anxiety was still out of control. After listening to Victoria Stillwell speak at an event I was attending I knew I had to try an iCalmDog for my girl. The results were nothing short of miraculous, she started sleeping through the night ( literally for the first time in 7 plus years) and so did I! Kenzie also was able to tolerate thunderstorms and fireworks when allowed to chill in the bathroom with her iCalmDog playing.  Kenzie’s iCalmDog traveled everywhere with us, at the vet she listens during rehab treatments for a torn ACL, and also regular vet visits. The staff at the vet was so impressed they have begun an anxiety reducing approach including playing Through a Dog’s Ear music. Kenzie also took her iCalmDog when she was boarding during vacation and they have also added Through a Dog’s Ear music piped throughout the facility for the benefit of all of their clients. As powerful as Kenzie’s experience was the positive effects for my mom and I was equally as great. In 2015 my mother had back surgery and terrible complications. She was very anxious during her stay at a short-term rehab facility and several hospitalizations. In June of 2015 she sadly transitioned to Hospice care and we lost her that July. Your music brought her great comfort and for that I will be forever thankful. She had been listening to the music for years for the dog and I took the iCalmDog to the nursing home, the hospital and finally had it playing at home while my mom received Hospice care. Thank you so much for all you do and your wonderful music. My young dog (CPL’s Liberty Bell, named for my mom Carole P. Lang) is now listening and we can use all the calm we can get.

Thank you so much!
Kenzie enjoying her iCalmDog.
Kenzie enjoying her music while in therapy.
CPL’S Liberty Bell, named after Lang’s mother.

In second place, we had a tie!

Margaret Pritchard with her adorable dog Lillie:

This is Lillie.  She is a Five year old yorkie.  We got her to be a play mate for another male Yorkie that was aging and needed someone to revive him.  Her hyperness and puppy in her, made him run and chase her around. They became best friends. Fast forward four and half years.  My male yorkie, age eleven years died, Lillie was lost. We watched her on security camera the next day crying, howling and pacing.  It broke our hearts. I looked online and found these CD’s and lots of busy toys. The CD’s worked within a couple of days. Yea!! I play them every time we leave the house. When we travel, those CD’s are in the bag.  It has been months now and whenever I turn on the CD player, she goes to her bed and lays down. Now I have a calm and happy fur baby.

Lillie was revived with the iCalmPet music after losing her best play mate.

Also in second place was Daniel H. Antolec, canine behavior consultant and trainer, with his story about one of his clients:

As a certified canine behavior consultant I work with dogs  suffering anxiety.   The spring of 2017 saw frequent thunderstorms throughout southern Wisconsin, rolling in about every third day.  Approximately 20% of dogs have thunderstorm anxiety.

In April of 2017 a client called for help with her most recent adoption, a beautiful two year old German Shepherd named Zora.  Z, as the pet guardian calls her, had anxiety issues during leash walks and was stricken with terror during thunderstorms.

The guardian already used a variety of calming measures such as taking Z into the basement, playing training games, offering a favorite food-filled toy and waiting for the storm to pass.  Z was always too stressed to settle on her bed or enjoy her toy, pacing and panting for hours at a time.

On the afternoon I visited Z the clouds were growing dark and heavy thunderstorms were predicted by evening.  Z was already growing restless.  The guardian and I discussed many options for helping Z through the storm and I pulled the iCalmPet player out of my training bag for demonstration.

When I began playing the music, Z approached me and settled down to listen.

Concluding the appointment, I rushed home to take shelter before the storm hit.  The next morning I checked email I found a message from Z’s guardian.

“After you left yesterday I downloaded the music you played for Z, and just before the storm arrived we went to the basement.  I offered her all the things I have done in the past, and then I played iCalmPet music.  Z immediately settled onto her bed and enjoyed her food-filled toy until the storm passed.

I have never seen her do that.  Thank you for telling me about the music player!”

Zora, the german shepherd who experienced anxiety before iCalmDog. 
Buddha and Gandhi, Antolec’s rescue dogs which he described in a story that didn’t fit the story guidelines, and so they did not make it into the final submission. 
Antolec with his rescues Buddha and Gandhi. 

Last, but not least is Laura Teliczan with an honorable mention:

Hi friends, my name is Laura T. I am a RVT at Fairway Animal Hospital in Fairway KS.  The cat in the photo is named Gus and I am submitting this story non fiction CAT-egory.
The story starts now!

Gus was coming in for his annual appointment and the owners, an elderly couple, let him explore the room. When we came in to check him in we saw this! He was cuddled up right next to the speaker.  The owners were so excited to see him all relaxed and comfy at the animal hospital.  They started asking us questions about the iCalmCat player, where we got it and how to get one for Gus at home.  One of our technicians helped the owners look up how to order on their phone while the doctor did her exam. Gus was so relaxed during the exam. iCalmPet truly made his annual exam pretty fantastic.
Thanks again for a great product!
Gus, the cat, curled up next to the iCalmCat player during his annual exam and was so relaxed his owners purchased their own speaker during his exam.

Thanks again for all the submissions!

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