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What’s New with iCalmPet?

Hi, my name is Caitlin Fowlkes. My adventures have landed me here in Southern Oregon working with iCalmPet, mostly as the face of customer support. I’m also writing the iCalmPet Community blogs and social media posts.

Our intention is to produce pet-friendly information that will benefit your household and create a friendly and calm environment for your furry friends (and in turn, for yourself!) We’ll discuss tips for keeping pets calm in a variety of situations (fireworks, thunderstorms, travel); deals, promotions and contests throughout the year; and an abundance of other topics – pet friendly vacation spots, natural treat recipes, how to teach your cat to change her own litter? Just kidding on that last one. Seriously though, we love suggestions and feedback. Have a topic you want to know more about, send us an email at

What’s up with the iCalmPet rebranding?

You may be wondering if we’re still the same company? And I’m here to tell you we are! iCalmPet was originally known as Through a Dog’s Ear (and Through a Cat’s Ear). This name stemmed from the book produced by company co-founder and sound researcher Joshua Leeds. The book titled, (you guessed it!) Through a Dog’s Ear, discusses the research undertaken with veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner to figure out what effect sound and music has on a dog’s psyche, and how it can be used to improve their health and behavior. This research was later applied towards cats and even people, because why should dogs get all the sonic benefits?

In 2013, our line of portable iCalm speakers was introduced, and we rebranded to what we are today – iCalmPet. The reason is simply because Through a Dog’s Ear was all about CDs and in our modern time, music has become so much more mobile. The majority of Americans have smart phones and can easily carry all of their favorite music with them on their phone out the door.

But, that mobility created a problem in itself: when they leave the house, they take their music with them, and the pets and people left behind don’t have any music. And so, we sought to make a product that not only helps improve health and behavior, but is practical in this often hectic, on-the-go life we now live.

The brand new iCalm 4.0 Player – Available end of May!

iCalm speakers are portable, Bluetooth-enabled and play continuously for about eight hours between charges. Meaning you can leave it on for pets while you’re away from the house or you can take it with to the vet, groomer, doggy daycare – wherever your pets can use an extra dose of calming.

Over the last five years, as we became more versatile and user friendly, we accumulated a bunch of names: Through a Dog’s Ear, Through a Cat’s Ear, iCalmDog, iCalmCat, etc. Finally, last year we became iCalmPet. But, the sound tracks are still the same great calming music. We still offer CD versions, and now we also stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

What’s new? iCalm for People.

Besides the new iCalm 4.0 music player (more info coming later)… while thinking along the lines of versatility, we realized that making our music available in multiple formats and more portable wasn’t quite enough. We needed more music! So, we decided we would start with people! We need calming music just as much as our animals do. Our intention is and always will be improving the lives of animals, but why not bring some calm to people, too?

If your pets are stressed, then chances are you might be stressed too. Pets and people tend to feed off of each other. If your pet is acting out, then it’s definitely causing you trouble; and if you’re stressed, your pet has likely picked up on it and is bothered too. Our new iCalm for People soundtracks have been made specifically for your 2-legged nervous system. The tones, tempos, and patterns have been well-planned to help you relax, sleep, or concentrate. Bottom line…The cooler you are, the calmer your animals will be.Click here to view the iCalm for People sound cards

“I’ve been producing application-specific soundtracks for people since 1986. The  iCalm for People music you’ll hear on DeStress, Sleep, and Focus on Task is performed by a lovely chamber ensemble, and features sweet violins and beautiful woodwinds. The music is a perfect addition to the Through a Dog/Cat’s Ear piano arrangements. The psychoacoustic principles I employed back in the day – tone, tempo, and pattern – are present in these calming recordings for people. I mean, we all have ears!” – Joshua Leeds, Producer and iCalmPet co-founder.

Want to hear for yourself? Visit this link to our audio samples page –

Or, check out our site to learn more

P.S. The iCalm for People titles come on micro sound cards that will play perfectly in your iCalm 2.0 or 3.0 players.

Delivering Calm,

– Caitlin