Instructions for Battery Chargers

Your BATTERY CHARGER arrives pre-charged and will power a depleted or fully-charged iCalm 3.0 unit for an additional 20+ hours.

Instructions for battery chargers

TO CONNECT charger to your iCalm:

Insert the Power cable micro USB connector from iCalm USB port (located next to AUX port) to the Tenergy Charger OUTPUT port.


When the Battery Charger needs recharging, all it’s blue lights will rapidly blink.

Attach the small connector end of power cable into the Charger INPUT port (the side with lights), and then the other end of the cable into an adapter and electrical outlet.


If you don’t have a USB Power Adapter, you can plug and charge directly from a USB port on your computer.

Battery charging time is 2-4 hours.

To confirm battery is fully charged, press button and all four LED indicators will light up blue.