Instructions for 5.0 Player

Instructions for iCalmPet 5.0 Speaker

The speaker included in the iCalmPet 5.0 packages has many functions, including micro SD card playback (used to play our calming music), Bluetooth (for streaming our calming music – or any music of your choosing), auxiliary external speaker, and more.

Instructions herein are provided for the micro SD sound card playback feature. Packages which include music arrive with the micro SD sound card pre-loaded and ready to play. Music should begin as soon as the correct mode is initiated on the Creative™ Metallix speaker.

For detailed instructions for full feature set of the Creative™ Metallix speaker, visit Creative Metallix Support.

Control Sets:

Long Press = 3-second hold

Short Press = 1-second press



First use: Charge your new speaker fully, until red light turns off.

To charge: Insert provided charging cable (with green dot facing up) into power port and into a USB port or electrical outlet (with appropriate adapter). Function light is red when charging and turns off when charging is complete.

Full-charge lasts 24+ hours of play, based on volume.


  1. Charge speaker fully before first use (see above).
  2. Make sure micro SD sound card is inserted into sound card port.
  3. Turn on power.
    1. Function light will turn blue.
    2. Wait until sound prompt is finished.
  4. Long press “M” Mode button twice (or until music begins to play).
    Packages which include micro SD sound card(s) have one pre-loaded in your device, and music will play*.

*  please note – the Sleep soundtrack for People has 10-hours of silence – if this is the sound card you have inserted, you may need to forward to a track with music to hear sound.



All packages include a micro SD sound card which has been inserted into the sound card port and quality-tested for functionality and sound.

To remove: Press sound card edge with fingertip and release.

To insert: With gold strips facing DOWN, gently insert into sound card port and press with fingertip. The sound card will stay locked in place.