Instructions for iCalmCat 2.0

Using iCalmCat

(Please note: If you received the 2.0a model, simple instructions were included in your package.)

1. Turning On

Press and hold the on/off button (the first button on right) until tonal sequence plays, then release.

Note: If you have a highly sound sensitive cat, we recommend you turn on iCalmCat in a separate room. While all the dogs we tested on were fine, the chordal sequence at turn on could potentially disturb an extremely sound sensitive feline.

2. Using Micro Sound Cards

The Sound Card port is located on the bottom left of your iCalmCat Player. Cards can be inserted and removed as you like. All iCalmCats come with an already inserted CM (Calming) Micro sound card.

To insert a card:
Place the micro sound card (lettered side up) into the sound card port and push in gently until it clicks. Your new sound card is ready to be played.

To remove a card:
Push in gently and release.
The card should now easily be removed.

Note: Be sure to put your card in a safe place.

3. Playing the Micro Sound Cards

To play a sound card, press the power button once lightly after you hear an audio tone. This switches the play mode to the inserted sound card.

When the light switches to blinking green, you should hear music.

 4. Control the Volume

Increase by holding down 2nd button to right (+); decrease by holding down the left-side button (–).

Note: DO NOT PLAY AT MAXIMUM VOLUME. It is not good for your cat or the longevity of the speaker. Play at a gentle volume. 

5. Track Advance/Rewind

Tap lightly on the volume buttons.

6. Turning Off

Press and hold the power button.


Setting Up Bluetooth (optional)

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data (like music) over short distances.  iCalmCat is equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to play other music from your computer or smart phone through the iCalmCat speakers.

Connecting your device to iCalmCat

1. Start the iCalmCat (fast blue blinking light looking to PAIR (connect)

2. Open Bluetooth Preferences on your device
(SETTINGS or PREFERENCES on phone, computer, etc.)

3. Look for Tenergy BT Mini – press PAIR (connect)

4. iCalmCat goes into slow blue blinking light

5. Turn on music (i.e. iTunes or Streaming) (Apple music early 2016)

6. Check volume – device and iCalmCat

If all else fails, turn off iCalmCat and begin again.

Make sure you only have one device open at a time.

Charging iCalmCat:

iCalmCat will let you know when it requires charging.  The status light just above the black buttons will indicate the following:

  • No light (while plugged in) = Ready for use
  • Blinking red = Need to charge the battery
  • Solid red = Charging the battery (with charger or plug)

Charging iCalmCat takes about 2-3 hours.

Using the Battery Charger to charge iCalmCat:

The iCalmCat Battery Charger arrives pre-charged and will power a depleted or fully-charged iCalmCat  for 20-25 hours.

How to connect the Battery Charger to iCalmCat

Attach the smaller connector of the USB power cable to the iCalmCat mini USB cable port. Attached the larger connector of the power cable to the USB cable port on the back of the Battery Charger.

To confirm charge, push the button on on the front of the Battery Charger. Four blue LED indicators will light, indicating a full charge.

If no LED indicators light up, you should recharge the Battery Charger (see below).

Recharging the Battery Charger

Attach the small connector end of the power cable to front of the Battery Charger and attach the other end of the cable into the USB Adapter Plug or your computer’s USB port.

Note: If you don’t have a USB Power Adapter, you can purchase one on our  accessories page.

Battery charging time is 2-4 hours. To confirm battery is fully charged, press button and all four LED indicators will light.

Using a USB port to charge iCalmCat:

1. Use the included USB cable to charge.
2. Insert the smaller connector of the USB cable into the mini USB port on the right side of iCalmCat.
usb3. Then insert the larger connector into a standard USB port on your computer.

Please Note: iCalmCat will give warning beeps when the battery is running low. For that reason we recommend iCalmCat Battery Boost for extra sound sensitive cats. It has 20 to 24 hours of playtime with more control of avoiding the warning beeps altogether.

Using a standard electrical outlet to charge iCalmCat:

1. Use the included USB cable to charge. instructions-USB-cable
2. Insert the smaller connector of the USB cable into the mini USB port on the right side of iCalmCat.
3. Plug into a USB Power Adapter that comes with smart phones and your iCalmCat.

Note: If you don’t have a USB Power Adapter, you can purchase one on our accessories page.

Charging Time
Battery charging time is 2-4 hours.