First BioAcoustically Designed Reggae Music, Ever!

Clinical research by the University of Glasgow and Scottish SPCA show reggae–along with soft rock and classical–to be the most effective musical styles for calming dogs.

Through a Dog’s Ear producers have applied innovative arranging and studio techniques to make iCalmDog Reggae even more effective.

Mix it Up. Variety is the Spice of Life! Research also shows that dogs exposed to a variety of appropriate musical styles stay calmer even longer. Rotate iCalmDog Reggae with Through a Dog’s Ear classical tracks and you’ve got potent canine music therapy.

With captivating Jamaican rhythms, contemporary instrumentation, and sophisticated software, iCalmDog Reggae progressively shifts  from mid- to downtempo and entrains your canine’s aroused nervous system into a settled state. Without vocals, these rhythmic collages  chill 2- and 4-legged’s alike.


Listen to a sample of  track “Montego Tuttles” here:
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Three format options:

Micro SD Sound Card (1 hour)


MP3 files come on a highest quality SanDisk 4GB Micro SD card.

Use with iCalm Player or other Micro SD-enabled devices (i.e., MP3 players, portable speakers, computers).

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CD  (1 hour)


Perfect as can be, and if you combine this new music with your other Through a Dog’s Ear CDs, your pooch will stay calmer even longer.

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3-CD Box Set (3 hours)


A Calm Variety, our new 3-CD Box Set, contains iCalmDog Reggae, Human-Animal Bond, and Calm Your Canine 4. 

Recent research finds dogs exposed to a variety of musical styles stay calmer even longer.

Rotate this medley of Through a Dog’s Ear piano, classical trios, and reggae–and your household will be sweet, fun, and calm.

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Two Box Sets with 6-Hrs of BioAcoustically Designed Music at a Great Price!

A Calm Variety contains iCalmDog Reggae, Human-Animal Bond (classical trios), and Calm Your Canine 4 (solo piano).  Add the classic Music to Calm Your Canine 3-volume set (solo piano), and you have a proven canine library.

Makes a great gift for friends, family, shelters, and rescues, too.

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The calming music of Through a Dog/Cat’s Ear make great gifts.

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