First BioAcoustically Designed Reggae Music, Ever!

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Why Reggae Music For Dogs?

Since 2008, Through a Dog’s Ear has been well-known for beautiful calming music for dogs.

In continuing our pursuit of auditory remedies, we’ve begun to include additional musical styles, bringing the healing power of calm in new ways.

The 2017 clinical research by University of Glasgow and Scottish SPCA shows reggae–along with soft rock and classical–to be the most effective musical styles for calming dogs in shelters. This research also suggests that by mixing varied musical styles, habituation is minimized and canines actually stay calmer longer.

These results were so compelling, that it didn’t take long for us to think… how about reggae with special arrangements and studio techniques?

Now in 2020, we’re proud to present iCalmDog Reggae, the first bioacoustically-designed reggae music for dogs, ever!


iCalmDog Reggae is available in 5 format options

iCalmDog Reggae/Classical Mix (speaker package)

What distinguishes this bundle is the 3-hrs of music entitled A Calm Variety. This interchangeable micro SD card includes bioacoustically arranged reggae music that has been carefully intermixed with classical piano and trios. Research out of Scotland discovered mixing musical styles keeps dogs calmer longer.

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Micro SD Sound Card

MP3 files come on highest quality SanDisk 4GB micro SD sound card. Use with iCalm Player or other micro SD sound card-enabled devices (i.e., MP3 players, portable speakers, computers).

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CD (1-hr)

Happy calm as is… and if you combine this new music with other Through a Dog’s Ear classical music CDs, your pooch will stay calmer longer.

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3-CD Box Set (3-hrs)

This 3-CD set contains iCalmDog Reggae, Human-Animal Bond, and Calm Your Canine 4.

Rotate this medley of Through a Dog’s Ear piano, classical trios, and reggae–and your household will be sweet, fun, and calm–and will even stay calmer longer.

And available to stream for free on all major platforms!

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Why is Happiness Important in the Pet Household?

With our classical albums, calming music destresses the nervous system and peace returns to the household. Now, iCalmDog Reggae has demonstrated another therapeutic approach: FUN as holistic healing! We’re learning from our customers that the power of  happiness can not be overestimated.

As a pet guardian, nothing is sadder than when the human/animal relationship becomes tattered. When something goes awry–be it pathological, environmental, behavioral, or accidental–and we can’t find solutions to help our animals be comfortable in our human environs, it’s a heartbreaking time.

In a setting where there’s tension or increased stress–for whatever reason–happiness can be a critical component of the healing that wants to take place. Simply having fun together can be a remedy these relationships need, replacing old patterns of disappointment and fear, with joyful interaction in shared space.

I know from decades of work with therapeutic sound and people, that there is a distinction between healing and curing. iCalmDog Reggae is not a magic wand for everything, but it sure creates a joyful environment that allows difficulties to dissipate and affectionate heart space to return.

 iCalmDog Reggae is a new and unique addition to your canine music library.calming dog music reggae is relaxing a puppy

• Calm and settle
• Focus on task
• Stronger noise masking  
• Soothes elderly and hearing impaired dogs
• Fun and healing
• Keeps dogs calmer longer

This is what we know so far and we learn more with each communication we have with you, our good faith pet-loving compatriots. Please email your input at

See how iCalmDog Reggae works in your pet household. We know all dogs are different and react differently to environmental enrichment. However, there is nothing to lose with our 60-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Add some calm fun back into your household. Try iCalmDog Reggae, today.

– Joshua Leeds
Producer, Through a Dog’s Ear and iCalmDog Reggae
CEO, BioAcoustic Research, Inc.
January 2020



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