iCalmCat Accessories


Charge at home and on the go with these iCalmCat charging accessories!

The iCalmCat speaker is a portable device used to calm cats. It’s useful in a variety of scenarios, but especially on the go. Be prepared for vet visits, car rides to the boarding facility or the cat-sitter’s with these charging accessories. Cat music accessories are essential for extra battery life and easy plug and play. Check out these convenient and easy-to-use charging accessories for your iCalmCat.

Even better, these charging accessories are universal and will work with our entire line of iCalmPet players, as well as other electronics!

iCalmCat will hold a charge for approximately eight hours, but sometimes that’s not enough. Especially if Kitty is traveling. iCalmCat is great to place in her carrier to keep her calm in those stressful situations. The Battery Charger for iCalmCat adds an additional 20 hours of charge. Simply plug the iCalmCat into the battery charger. It works the same as plugging it into the wall, but better because it’s compact and portable.

What is iCalmCat?

Want more information about the iCalmCat? Click here to view the product designed specifically to calm cats.  In a nutshell, the iCalmCat is a portable speaker that is blue-tooth enabled and easy-to-use. The music has been clinically-tested and designed to calm cats in our modern world of audio overload.