iCalmCat Music Programs

iCalmCat calming music programs are designed specifically for your iCalmCat player  (also available in CD and Download format)

No more stressed kitties, missed vet visits, or cat fights with calming cat music!

iCalmCat is your cat’s anti-anxiety solution…  All on a great, portable player. iCalmCat is an easy-to-use compact player and speaker, pre-loaded with 3 hours of veterinary-tested cat music. The speaker is bluetooth enabled so you can use it to play your music too! Our calming cat music programs include a variety of gentle, bioacoustically-arranged classical music to calm cats and reduce noise phobias.

Cats crave consistency

The calming music of iCalmCat brings the consistency and familiarity necessary for positive feline health and behavior. Both stimulating and calming cat music are vital tools to any cat lover’s toolbox.

Simply press and play.

Bioacoustically-arranged classical piano soundtracks are guaranteed to reduce stress in chaotic or unsettling environments. Bringing home a new pet or baby? Making a move? The cat music helps keep cats calm throughout any change. Take it in the car to vet or boarding visits to make the ride a little less scary.

The iCalmCat plays on auto-repeat for approximately eight hours at a full charge. Leave it playing for your kitty while you’re away and come home to a calm and relaxed pet! The cat music works on dogs, humans, and other pets too!

Additional cat music sound cards target specific behaviors.

Some indoor cats would benefit from more activity. Stimulation music provides fun tracks to inspire playtime with kitty and the 2-leggeds. Have a lazy house cat who could do with some exercise? Play the upbeat music of the Stimulation sound card to encourage them to get up and playing with all of those unused jingle balls and squeaky mice.

Noise Phobia is another great cat calming music program offered. It helps Kitty to be calm and settle to indoor and outdoor sounds. Great for any cat experiencing noise anxieties, but especially great for cats who have the pleasure of exploring outside and living inside. Simply swap sound cards in your player.

Click on any card to learn more.