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Download cat music through iTunes, as pictured here iCalmCat Downloads

Download Cat Music Easily

Download cat music through iCalmCat by going to iTunes and follow these simple instructions. Music can be used on any digital music player or phone with music player capability.

On iTunes:

  1. Search term iCalmCat 
  2. Download cat music available (links directly to site):
    • iCalmCat – 44 selections (about 3 hrs)  are available individually ($.99) or as a whole ($29.99)
  3. Enjoy calm pets!

Beware! Sneaky Competitors on iTunes

If plagiarism is the best form of flattery, that’s nice. However, beware… a few European-based company’s have absconded with our concept and brand name, Through a Dog’s Ear. Therefore, when you do a search, many Through a Dog’s Ear titles will show up. Make sure when you are making your playlist selection, you choose iCalmCat, with performance by Lisa Spector.

Otherwise, your BFF is going to suffer some pretty funky bad imitations of our classical selections (mostly electronic) with equally poor musicianship.


We arrange our compilations to feature our psycho- and bio-acoustic techniques. For best results, we recommend downloading full albums that include our sequencing, rather than individual tracks, which may play out of order.

What is iCalmCat Music?

The calming cat music of iCalmCat has been designed, selected, and arranged based off of scientific research and clinical trails performed by the owner and leading sound researcher in the field – Joshua Leeds. Click here to read more about the research behind the music and click here for more information about iCalmCat!