iCalmCat 5.0m is elegantly tailored for the sensitive feline nervous system.

Feline sound therapy on a portable player, pre-loaded with 3 hours of bioacoustically-designed music.

Feline stress leads to illness and weird behaviors

Cats don’t like changes in their physical environment - strangers, additional animals, loud noises, different food, owner illness, etc. While change is a part of life, transitions are not your kitty's forte. iCalmCat helps by creating a consistent auditory environment. With superior sound quality and functionality, iCalmCat will be greatly enjoyed by 2- and 4-leggeds alike.


iCalmCat 5.0m is infinitely expandable, with audio programs to calm (included with the Limited Edition package), stimulate or ease common phobias.

Multiple Uses

Small and lightweight, iCalmDog 5.0m is both splash and dust resistant. The speaker features Bluetooth, FM radio, as well as USB and auxiliary ports for connectivity to many other devices.


Our music programs are available in a varitey of formats. Use Micro SD sound cards or stream music using Bluetooth.


iCalmCat 5.0m can play continuously for 6-8 hours on a single charge and comes with a Power Bank for an additional 20+ hours of constant play.

Additional iCalmCat sound cards target specific behaviors.

Calming is included with every iCalmCat. However, some indoor cats would also benefit from more activity. Stimulation provides fun music tracks to inspire playtime with kitty and the 2-leggeds. Noise Phobia helps Kitty calm and settle to indoor and outdoor sounds. Simply swap sound cards in your player.

Available in this Calming Package

"All of the kitties in my care just love it. They are always curious, move towards it, and just curl up to the soothing sounds. It’s like I bring them a soothing sonic pill."
– D. Ensey