iCalmCat Music Programs

No more stressed kitties, missed vet visits, or cat fights!

iCalmCat is your cat’s anti-anxiety solution…  All on a great portable player. iCalmCat is an easy-to-use compact player and speaker, pre-loaded with 3 hours of veterinary-tested music.

Cats crave consistency; The music of iCalmCat brings the constancy and familiarity necessary for feline health and behavior.

Simply press and play. Bioacoustically-arranged classical piano soundtracks are guaranteed to reduce stress in chaotic or unsettling environments.

Additional iCalmCat sound cards target specific behaviors.

Calming is included with every iCalmCat. However, some indoor cats would also benefit from more activity. Stimulation provides fun music tracks to inspire playtime with kitty and the 2-leggeds. Noise Phobia helps Kitty calm and settle to indoor and outdoor sounds.  Simply swap sound cards in your player.

Click on any card to learn more.