iCalmDog Accessories

Gina, the dog, with iCalmDog accessoriesCalm Pets Anywhere and Everywhere

“Gina and I are always on the go. In developing the iCalmDog, she’s been the road tester, whether we’re at an agility trial or getting a chiropractor adjustment at the vet, we’re always traveling with her iCalmDog and iCalmDog accessories. But, traveling with dogs is not so clean.

So, we developed a shockproof, water resistant carry case. The inside pocket holds the USB charge cords, adapter, and a couple of extra micro cards with additional music. The music can be clearly heard while the speaker is inside the case and is great to take on walks!

And when life starts to feel stressful, I spray some calm aroma mist around my house and her crate. Carry on and stay calm!

~ Lisa Spector
Co-Founder and Pianist, iCalmPet

Stimulating iCalmDog Accessories

The Wooly Snuffle Mat naturally stimulates dogs by encouraging them to snuffle! Hide food or treats in the long cloth fingers and Buster will go to town foraging with his nose. He might even use it as his new favorite nap spot! It’s a natural way to keep curious dogs busy while you’re away from home. It is also a great way to stimulate house pets that might not get as much stimulating action as they naturally need.

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