iCalmDog 4.0 is elegantly designed and modified for the sensitive canine nervous system.

Wanna calm dog anywhere? Just press and play.

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the simplified, slow, beautiful, classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. Now, for the first time, the clinically tested music is available in a customized portable player. The superior sound quality and functionality of iCalmDog 4.0 rivals any portable speaker on the market and will be greatly enjoyed by 2- and 4-leggeds alike.


iCalmDog 4.0 is infinitely expandable, with audio programs for all stages of life, environments, and situations.


Small and lightweight, iCalmDog has a variety of accessories that will allow you to take your calming system on-the-go and keep it well-protected.


Our music programs are available in a varitey of formats. Use our sound cards or stream music using bluetooth.


iCalmDog can play continuously for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Add battery boost for 20+ hours of constant play.

Available in 4 Calming Packages

"This is part of my pet prescription. As a practicing Veterinarian, I've talked about this product on Good Morning America for separation anxiety and noise phobias."
– Marty Becker
Chief Veterinary Correspondent for American Humane Association.