Streaming Music Programs

What is Streaming?

Stream Calm Your Canine Music Streaming is the 21st century form of digital content distribution, be it words, image, or sound. By having either a free or paid subscription to a streaming service, you can find our Calm Your Canine music and play it through a computer, smart phone, or other digital device.

Where and How Do We Stream?

iCalm programs are currently available on the two top streaming services, Apple Music and Spotify. Please note that Spotify and Apple both offer premium services, without commercials. The cost is between $8-10 per month. You can also stream our content for free on Spotify, but every few minutes, there will be verbal commercials that greatly interrupt the calm flow of our programming. We do not suggest this FREE option if you are looking for maximized effect of our music.

You only need to enroll in one of these services, easily done within a few moments. From then on, you have access to our Calm Your Canine music for as long as you like, anytime and anywhere. All you need is a BlueTooth-enabled device (computer, smart phone, etc.), connected to a sound system.

The iCalmDog or iCalmPet player is BlueTooth-enabled.

This means that you your computer or smart device receives the music and the bluetooth function (or cable) sends it wirelessly to our premium speaker. If you are going to only stream, you may want to purchase our iCalm a la carte. This speaker-only option does not come with our music on a sound card because you will be bringing our music through streaming. However, we recommend the purchase of our sound cards, as well, in case you want to be portable with our music and are not able to stream due to proximity.

How Do I Find iCalm Programming?

They can be found on either service by entering these keywords into the search function: iCalmDog, Through a Dog’s Ear, or iCalmCat, and Through a Cat’s Ear.

Beware! Sneaky Competitors

If “plagiarism is the best form of flattery,” that’s nice. However, a few European-based company’s have absconded with our concept and brand name, Through a Dog’s Ear. Therefore, when you do a search, a few TADE titles will come up. Make sure when you are making your playlist selection, you choose iCalmDog: Through a Dog’s Ear – Calm Your Canine, with performance by Lisa Spector.

Otherwise, your BFF is going to suffer some pretty funky bad imitations of our classical selections with equally poor musicianship.

Authentic iCalm Content

iCalmDog contains 46 tracks (similar to the Calm Your Canine (CC) micro sound card standard with most iCalmDog players. This soundtrack lasts for about 4 hours.

Auto Repeat
auto-replay Calm Your Canine music while streaming
This is a great feature that allows any playlist to repeat automatically. Therefore, our Calm Your Canine music soundtrack will run in 4-hr segments and automatically keep playing until you turn it off. To enable this function, look for this icon at either top or bottom of the page, and press it to turn it on.

Best Use
When you stream iCalm music (dog and cat programs are different), it allows you to have a continuous play for infinite hours – until you turn it off. You are assured that your pet will hear our music continuously while you are at home or away.