iCalm Deluxe – 5.0m Limited Edition

For a calm pet household, you gotta spread the love! Each package has music for people, too!

Choose between 3 elegant iCalm Deluxe packages. The gear’s the same. What changes is the musical content.

Why packages for pets AND people?

Our pets are always tuned in to you. If you’re uptight, they’re worried. If you’re tense, they tense-up. It’s pretty simple; our animals get and reflect us! These packages – with music programs for pets and their people – will help everybody have a calming circle. You’re calm/they’re calm. They’re calm/you can relax.

At $149.95, the iCalm 5.0m Limited Edition is a great value.
Each Deluxe package includes:

Creative™ Muvo 2c Speaker

We’re proud to source this lovely device. It’s the finest sounding speaker we’ve ever had. Muvo is substantial, human-centric and multi-functional. In addition to playing Through a Dog/Cat’s Ear music via SD sound cards, this speaker can also be used in multiple ways.

  • In Bluetooth mode, making it easy to stream Through a Dog/Cat’s Ear (Spotify, Apple Music), or your own music
  • As an auxiliary speaker
  • As a cell phone speaker/microphone
  • As an FM radio
  • With your own playlists on Micro SD sound cards
  • In wet or dusty environments

Micro SD Sound Cards

What changes in each iCalm 5.0m Deluxe package is the selection of music and music is at the heart of everything we do! Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and pet professionals worldwide have recommended the simplified, slow, beautiful classical compositions of Through a Dog’s/Cat’s Ear. Listen to SAMPLES.

Power Bank

Provides 20+ hours of extra play-time. Now you have 26+ hours of portable iCalm usage anywhere, anytime, rain or shine.

Micro SD Card Holder

Carry your cards with you wherever you go in this smart card carry case.


2 Charging  Cables, 1 Aux Cable, Velvet Pouch, and Behavioral Instruction Booklets also included.

Calm pets are happy pets! Add sound cards from the 16-title iCalm library.

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