iCalm Downloads

Why Download?

Because downloads and streaming are the future of music. So we’re hopping on board and digitalizing our collection!

Our specialty album titles will ONLY be available digitally for downloads, they cannot be streamed (due to voice search considerations/overlaps with main albums).

Here‘s why downloads are great:

  • You own it – FOREVER!
  • No third-party streaming agencies, its completely yours.
  • The technology will never break or get lost.
  • Ease of use: simply hit play, no extra tech to configure.
  • No more household clutter from hard goods.
  • Unanimously operable on all devices (.mp3 accepted by all).
  • Easily integrated into Apple Music.
  • Free shipping!

New to downloading but excited and ready to start? Visit our Download Help page for more information on integration and how-to.

In the next weeks, we’ll be adding most of our recordings (including instruction booklet PDFs). In our fast age of digital distribution, downloading will allow easy access to iCalm music for pets and people.

For Dogs:

For Cats:

For People: