Download Assistance

Download Assistance

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The world of technical compatibilities and configurations is vast. Everybody has their computer, tablet, or phone set-up differently. The purpose of these tips is to address the most common downloading considerations. If you do not find answers to your technical questions here, please ask anyone 15+ years old, your neighbor, tech consultants, or your device or internet provider customer service. Our expertise is effective calming music for pets and people, and we’ve learned to stay in our lane: We’re definitely not high-tech consultants. We know how to deliver files from our server to your downloading destination. From there, it’s up to you because of the zillion configurations of devices, providers, software, etc.

Rest assured, downloading has been a common computer function for many years. The right person will point you in the right direction. Thank you for your understanding.

iPhone users: PLEASE NOTE THAT iPHONES CANNOT DIRECTLY DOWNLOAD MP3 FILES FROM THE INTERNET.  You have to download them to a computer first, and then transfer them to your iPhone.

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To Download iCalmPet Files to your Computer

1.   Purchase your products.
After checkout, you will be directed to an “Order Received” page with download links (as below). Click the blue rectangle that says “Download Album + Instructions”. It contains the music and a PDF booklet containing corresponding titles, description, and training instructions. You have up to 30-days from date of sale to access these files. You can download all your goodies directly from this Order Received page.

Purchase your products.

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2.    You will also receive a “Thank You” email.
This provides another opportunity for downloading, in case you missed the first opportunity. We highly recommend downloading to your computer, then transferring the audio files into the program you use for listening to music. Depending on how your listening software is configured, the download may automatically go to Apple Music, etc. In other instances, you may need to import the music to the app manually.

Thank You Email

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Further Detail

3. Zip files.
When you click the download link in the right-hand column (as above), the zip file will begin to download to wherever your computer receives downloads. In this image below from a Macbook using the Chrome browser, the downloaded file is shown on the bottom left.

Zipped Files

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4. System preferences.
Please understand that many computer systems do the following in their own unique way. Here is what we experience with our Macs: Locate wherever your computer downloads files. This is typically the Downloads folder. If you have clicked the download link from either our site or the follow-up email, you should see it there. Depending on your system, you might see a zipped file (as below) or a folder with the album title. If zipped like the below-left image, then double click the file to extract the files to a new folder. Inside the new folder, you’ll find all your song files and PDF booklet!

Double Click on Compressed File
Uncompressed File

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5. Getting tracks onto your device.
From here we recommend selecting all titles, then dragging and dropping into whatever program you use for music listening (Apple Music, Android library, etc). The image below shows all songs from iCalmDog Reggae being selected inside the folder, then dragged and dropped into Apple Music.

Getting tracks on to device

iPhone/iPad downloading tips:

Open Apple Music, and drag and drop our selected music into your Library. Once it’s all in, sync across your devices like you normally do with new music!

Android downloading tips:

  1. Download and install Android File Transfer on your computer.
  2. Connect your computer to your device using a USB cable. …
  3. Locate music files on your computer and drag them into your device’s Music folder in Android File Transfer.
  4. Disconnect from cable and enjoy.

Everyone, please note:

  1. Often, people order multiple download titles. We suggest you download only one title at a time. Different systems may time out and simply stop downloading if there are too many files in the cue.
  2. Separation Anxiety (SA) is a 16-hr file. Therefore it requires a few gigabytes of storage and a few minutes to download. We have noticed that for people with PC systems, it often times out before SA is completely downloaded. If this is your experience, we recommend you call us at 541-482-2134 (9 AM/PST-Noon, M-F) and we may have a solution for you.