How to Use Downloads



Download to your computer:

    1. After checkout, you will see a thank you page with the download below. Click “Download Album” for a file of all the music. “Download Instructions” will give you a PDF booklet containing the titles, description, and training instructions for the music. You have 2 times you are allowed to access these files (truly it’s once to protect us from multiple people downloading, but we give you a second time in case of error). You can download all your goodies from right here!
    2. You will also receive an email with both of these links again. It’s the same album, but this email is your second chance for downloading, in case you missed the first. We highly recommend downloading to your computer, then transferring the audio files into iTunes, or whatever program you use for listening to music.
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  1. Click the download link in righthand column (must click each song to download each).
  2. You’ll see the zipped file start downloading to your computer.
  3. Locate wherever your computer downloads files, then double click to open, which will unzip it. Inside you’ll find all your song titles!
  4. From here we recommend selecting all titles, then dragging into whatever program you use for music listening!

To get onto your iPhone/iPad: 

  1. Open iTunes/Apple Music, and drag and drop our selected music into your Library. Once it’s all in, sync across your devices like you normally do with new music!

To get onto your Android:

  1. Download and install Android File Transfer on your computer.
  2. Connect your computer to your device using a USB cable. …
  3. Locate music files on your computer and drag them into your device’s Music folder in Android File Transfer.
  4. Disconnect from cable and enjoy!