iCalmDog 1.0 Cautionary Announcement

Dear iCalmDog 1.0 purchaser,

Our first iCalmDog players were sturdy and long-lasting. Selling between September 2013 and October 2015, we still receive heartfelt pictures and positive comments about the 1.0 from around the world.

However, recently we were informed that one of these units actually caught fire while charging. Fortunately, the owners were at home with their dogs and were able to control the situation. Upon further investigation, heat did not seem to emanate from the outlet. It appears the heat of the connecting charge wire into the charge portal of the unit was the ignition point.

Out of a few thousand units, this is the only fire report we’ve ever had. However, the health and safety of our iCalm Community is of highest priority to us, so we are passing on this information to owners of this vintage player. We suggest that you do not charge this unit when you are out of range, in the event that this defect should ever happen again.

We stopped supporting the iCalmDog 1.0 in 2016. Our newer players are sourced from a completely new manufacturer, and use a differently formatted software. These newer players are of much better quality. If you would like to update an original 1.0 to a newer iCalmDog 3.0, you can find players and music in our SHOP.

If you’re still using the iCalmDog 1.0, we’re glad for the great value you’ve had. However, all imported consumer electronics have a somewhat limited shelf and battery life. Given this fire episode, we encourage you to unplug and update your model 1.0.

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