Tell Us Your Tale – iCalm Story Contest

You’re invited to enter a very fun, creative iCalmPet contest with great prizes! (May 3-21, 2018.)

Are you the next Rowling, Spielberg, or Leibovitz? Show us what ya got!
Using  words and/or images (including video), create the most heartfelt or most made-up iCalm story in the world!

Combine words and image and tell us an iCalm story.
And here’s the really fun part… It can be real or unreal.
That’s right, win our hearts or tell us a long tale!

All submissions must include the following:

1. Words: Tell a story with 1-300 words.

2. Media: Submit a video or image(s) of your pet and/or yourself with an iCalmPet music item (could be a Player or CDs).

That’s it!


• Fiction: (I Made it Up!) – Stories and media can be silly, funny, staged and/or altered. Get creative!

• Non-Fiction: (Keepin’ it Real) – Stories and media must be true or actual, be it profound, heartfelt, fun, or interesting.

Scroll down to see submission examples.

Prizes – Everyone’s an iCalm Winner!

Two first-place winners, (Fiction and Non-Fiction) will receive an iCalmPet Deluxe Package of their choice (for Dog, Cat or People).

Two second-place winners, (Fiction and Non-Fiction) will receive an iCalmPet Standard Package of their choice (for Dog, Cat or People).

All Contestants:* You will receive a complementary $10 gift coupon to use at (expires August 31, 2018).

Winners have the option of requesting their prize be donated to their organization of choice.

* First- and second-place winners do not receive Gift Coupon.


The iCalmPet team – Caitlin, Rob, Mia, and Joshua.

Submissions will be judged solely by the quite inquisitive iCalmPet team based on points of interest, truth and uniqueness for the non-fiction category, and creativity, humor and imaginativeness for the fiction category.

There will be four winners total: one first-place winner from each category, and one second-place from each category.

Winners will be notified and announced by June 15, 2018.

Submission Examples

Non-Fiction (Keepin’ it Real)

Mango the Cat, listening to the iCalmDog.

We found Mango’s mother, Windy, after hurricane Katrina. We live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and the floods came to our front door and back door. It ruined the screen-in porch area, but luckily never came inside the house. Where we live is a mere 5-minute walk to the coast. We are so grateful to have been so lucky. We had a generator and enough supplies to get us and our neighbors through the worst of it. So, we started rescuing animals. We had a raccoon in the garbage can, so it wouldn’t fight with the pregnant cat (Mango’s mom) in the dog crate, and a squirrel in a plastic tote. Of course, we cut holes in the makeshift “cages” for the animals to breath. Anyway, we gave away the rest of the kittens, except Mango. We bought the iCalmPet speaker to calm Mango after Windy passed away a few years ago, and I should say it really helped her separation anxiety. We love listening to it, too!



While my husband and I were in Bolivia, we stayed in a small hotel. There were stray dogs everywhere, but one in particular followed us around the entire time. She walked with us to the orphanage where we volunteered every day, and even though she was scared, she eventually let the kids play with her. Very unusual for a stray in that area. We fell in love and figured out how to bring her home with us to the states. We named her Bolly and immediately introduced the iCalmPet music to help acclimate her in the transition. She’s lost that timid, shaky, lurking-in-the-shadows personality she had in Bolivia and is happy and healthy. She loves going on walks to the dog park and letting the grandkids play with her. We were afraid taking her from her world, and plopping her into ours, would give her a shake. It did in the beginning, but now she’s doing great!


Fiction (I made it up!)

Gemma, lifelong fan of the iCalmPet Music, introduced Jilly to the music recently. They’ve been snoozing peacefully ever since.


Jilly has always been….special…to say the least. She was a chubby ball of flying fur when we got her as a puppy. We tried to crate train her but she would whine and run around in circles in the cage until we let her out! So, when we moved to the new place, we made sure to get a fenced-in yard. We thought if she had more room to move, she might run out some of her energy. Nope. We took her on two walks a day, let her have free roam of the house, the backyard, everything. We even took her to a trainer, but nothing seemed to calm her down. She ran ruts into the grass in the backyard, chased after every squirrel, car, and falling leaf she saw. Then one day, an iCalmDog magically appeared on our backyard fence. It didn’t take too long to figure out how to use it. After a few days, we noticed a little improvement. There were times we’d look out the window and she was trotting rather than running circles. A month later, and she was actually sitting. JUST SITTING, for extended amounts of time. A few months later, I looked out the window and she was NAPPING in the sunshine. We are so grateful to have found the iCalm music… and we still haven’t figured out how it came to us. Never even found a note or a parachute!


Uncle Jerry was never the same after returning from Southeast Asia. He always went on and on about being zen and meditation, and all of that nonsense. So, we bought him an iCalm player because we thought if he was listening to calming music, 1. he would be happy, and 2. he wouldn’t talk as much about all that hippie-dippie stuff since he’d be listening to the music. Seems to work. He’s always listening to it, often beside his favorite Buddha statue. We got him the Sleep for People sound card too, and it also seems to work. We don’t hear him singing Country Joe and the Fish songs so much in the middle of the night anymore.

Sharing is Caring

We encourage you to share your posts on social media and tag us with #iCalmPet. Follow our social media accounts to keep up with the contest!

Submission Guidelines

Submissions: Send to with the subject line- iCalm Story Contest 2018.

Include in email:

  • Your name
  • Where you live (city and state)
  • Name of pets or people in the story
  • Category submitting to (fiction, non-fiction)
  • Your story 1-300 words
  • And of course the photo(s) or video (see Formats below)

Contest begins May 3 and ends May 21. All submissions must be emailed by midnight PST May 21, 2018.

Formats: Images – JPEG formatted only. Videos – .avi, .mov, iMovie, or MP4 formatted.

Text can be as short as one word and as long as 300 words.

Videos cannot be longer than 3 minutes.

Maximum two submissions per household allowed: one fiction and one non-fiction.

Don’t have a dog, cat or person? We don’t discriminate and we know our products work on all kinds of species, so send ’em in!

Code of Honor: All submitters agree to not mix fiction in with the non-fiction submissions, even though it is rather tempting. “Keep it Real” or “Make it Up,” but don’t mix the two. This keeps it fair for everybody.

Permission: All submitters grant permission to BioAcoustic Research, Inc., to display all or part of their  written and visual submissions on, related web and social media sites. Credit will be given.

Further Information, Questions?


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