The NEW iCalm 4.0

New player design, clean sound, light-weight, long battery life. Beautiful and clinically-tested calming music. What more could a pet and music-lover want?


The iCalm 4.0 Player is our best portable player, ever! We’ve designed, modified, and tested it over and over.

Here’s the specs you want to know… The iCalm 4.0 Player is light weight (5.5 oz), fits in your palm (2″ tall and 2 5/8″ in diameter), includes the finest portable speaker we can find, the largest battery we can install, and a redesigned and enhanced motherboard (the brain that makes the whole shebang work). Software has been thoroughly modified for sensitive nervous systems. Best of all, 4.0 has the lightest environmental footprint of any of our previous player/speakers.

The 4.0 is configured to accept the same iCalm sound cards used with iCalm 2.0 and 3.0 players. If you already have iCalm music sound cards, simply upgrade to the 4.0 à la carte package (player only).

What’s the Difference Between the 4.0 Players?

The iCalmDog, iCalmCat, and iCalm for People Players are identical.

It’s the sound and music content that makes each player package species-specific. Our cat music is tuned differently than the dog’s, and the people soundtracks sound completely different than the pet music. Think of the iCalm player as a juke box with easily interchangeable sound cards. One player; so many iCalm possibilities!

With the exception of the à la carte packages, which do not include a sound card, all iCalm packages come with specific sound/training cards. You can add iCalm music with any 4.0 player.

The Road to 4.0

Find out HOW we create iCalm systems for you.