Patricia’s Story: What Do You Grab in a Fire?


On Tuesday, Sept 8th, the Almeda fire began two miles north of our home base in Ashland, Oregon. Within seven hours, pushed by 40+ MPH winds, the fire spread 15 miles up to Medford. 2,650 homes were burned, and over 30 lives were lost, not counting animals. Our iCalm team of four was very fortunately spared any tragedy.

The next day, the Echo Mountain Fire tore through Northern Oregon, displacing even more residents. This included Patricia Erway’s family. She sent us this email after they’d evacuated.

This email so moved us. To know our music can have such a powerful effect on a family. It’s the impact we hope for, in doing what we do.  

We’ve provided Patricia’s family the iCalm music they lost. Given that we’re all in life together, it feels good to participate in creating a world where we take care of each other when the need arises. We at iCalmPet believe in Whole Household Theory: what affects one member of a household affects all. It’s true in our individual homes, and in how we affect the Earth for the other creatures that live here. Let’s be good to all our homes ❤️️.

About this great photo… At first we wondered, how could they look so happy after losing everything in a wildfire? Then we realized: they’re smiling because they still have what’s most important.

relaxing music for people being calm

Thank you so much to Patricia and her family for sharing this photo and story. Keep calm and carry on.