Cat Calming, 3-hrs (Micro SD Card, 3-CD Box Set, Download)


No more stressed kitties, missed veterinary visits, or cat fights.

Calming combines music and sound therapy techniques, specifically designed for feline anxiety issues and environmental enrichment.

The rearranged 3-hours of classical piano music on Calming for iCalmCat reduces stress in chaotic and unsettling environments. With the addition of sonic anchoring, the music brings the consistency needed for feline health and behavior.

The serene music is just as soothing for the 2-leggeds as the felines in your household.

Choose between micro SD sound card, 3-CD Box Set, or Downloadable files to keep and play on your favorite devices.

Listen to Samples
Rondo / Espressivo CPE Bach (Interlude)
Chopin / Sonata In B Flat Minor Op. 35 Lento: Middle Section


icalmcat 3 designed for feline anxiety issues

Three hours of soothing feline sound therapy comes on a micro SD sound card that plays on Kitty’s iCalmCat. (This Calming sound card is included with every iCalmCat purchase.) The three hours can be automatically extended when played on the iCalmCat, as it will auto-repeat the sequence until turned off or batteries run down.

Specific Applications Include:

  • Riding in the car
  • Going to the vet clinic
  • Construction noise
  • New stimuli or people in the environment
  • Change of homes
  • Introducing a new appliance with sound
  • Recovery from illness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Introducing a new baby or pet
  • Arrival of visitors
  • Last stages of life

Why Music for Cats?

Since the 2008 release of Through a Dog’s Ear music, requests for music specially designed for cats have been constant. As a research-based organization, we’ve demurred; there has been minimal scientific examination of music and sound with cats. However, recent research by Dr. C.A. Tony Buffington (2011, Ohio State University) caught our attention. While studying feline interstitial cystitis (a leading cause of euthanasia), researchers discovered a primary cause of this ailment: stress! Change in the cat’s physical environment—strangers, different food, additional animals, loud noises, illness, etc.—is a major contributor. Cats prefer their homes to be stable and consistent. Acute feline stress turns into chronic irritation, manifesting in disease and behavioral challenges.

The Calming sound card — included with every iCalmCat and is designed to reduce stress in unsettling environment. Our sonic toolkit originates from sound therapies with neurodevelopmentally-challenged humans in which tone, tempo, and pattern are considered. In additionn, frequency ranges have been adjusted to the feline auditory range, and an innovative technique,  sonic anchoring, is included.

What is Sonic Anchoring?

Our goal is to create a mental and emotional sense of safety that arises from familiarity. We accomplish this through a recognizable sequence of notes.

While people hear these short interludes (from CPE Bach’s Rondo Espressivo) as repeating melodic intervals, we believe cats cognitively categorize this sonic information as a familiar frequency matrix. Cats are not so much hearing the melody, but feeling a sequence of vibrational frequencies, particularly when they are lying near their iCalmCat. Similar to sensory information we instantly recognize a favorite taste or aroma, our best friend’s voice, a mother’s touch – familiar sensory cues can have a profound and calming impact on the nervous system while providing psychological security.

Of the 44 compositions that comprise iCalmCat’s Calming music, minute-long variations of the Bach interlude are inserted every 2-3 compositions.

The iCalmCat player will auto-repeat the Calming music (as long as the battery holds or if plugged into a power source.)

To further focus the therapeutic impact, we’ve borrowed from the extraordinary sound therapy methodology created by Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001).

In post-production mixing, we’ve removed higher frequencies from our re-arranged piano music. This frequency modulation (FM) also takes place in the mid-and low-frequency ranges. Essentially, by reducing or boosting specific nutrients of sound, arousing frequencies are reduced and soothing frequencies are increased. Through progressive FM, the resonance principle affects the nervous system. (This is true with humans and dogs, as well.)

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × .25 in
Pick Your Format Option

Micro SD Sound Card (3-hrs) $39.95, 3-CD Box Set (3-hrs) $39.98, Download (3-hrs) $30.00


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