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City Sounds (1-hr)

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Teach your dog outside noises are nothing to fear.

The city can be an overwhelming sensory experience for a dog. With an ability to hear twice as many frequencies as people, at a capability over four times our own, it’s no wonder that so many pups struggle to be calm during the daily bombardment of unexplained noise.

All dogs are highly receptive and sensitive to sound, making it an incredibly powerful sensory pathway for communication. Since we can’t quiet the outside noise, the answer is to re-train the fear response. City Sounds uses soothing, specially re-arranged classical music, synced to the natural rhythm of a relaxed mammalian nervous system–in combination with background city sound effects–to effectively re-pattern and communicate that these noises are nothing to fear.

Sit through the chaos with zen.

treatment of canine noise phobias with sound and music
calm your canine is dog calming music that works

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the slow and simplified classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. The breakthrough research behind TADE shows that the canine nervous system is extremely sensitive to sound — and that special arrangements of classical music have a profound soothing impact on anxious dogs. This clinically tested canine music is formulated for your dog’s calm behavior, as well as your discerning ear.

Cities are a tough place for dogs to adapt to. It’s a very different environments than what the canine nervous system has evolved from. Knowing how powerful their sensory systems are, it becomes our responsibility to create a peaceful home environment that supports the health for our beloved companions.

If we can’t quiet the city, we must re-train, or prevent, the fear response with re-conditioning. This groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog to associate positive feelings with city sounds rather than feeling anxious, and will help to gradually reduce your dog’s fear when exposed to these sounds.

City Sounds includes a verbal introduction by professional dog trainer Victoria Stilwell and sounds of city sounds (mild, moderate, and heavy) set against the backdrop of the Through a Dog’s Ear clinically-tested calming music. An adjoining booklet contains Victoria’s positive reinforcement training protocol. The goal is to re-frame your dog’s perception of urban sounds and associate these sounds with a calm feeling.

When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the included behavioral modification protocols included, you can rehabilitate your noise-phobic dog, or prevent noise phobias from ever developing in younger dogs.

calm your canine is dog calming music that works

About Canine Noise Phobia Series

The Canine Noise Phobia series (CNP) is an innovative desensitization training tool that combines three distinctive elements for the treatment and prevention of sound-sensitivities and noise-phobias:

  • Progressive sound effects (distant/close)
  • Specially-designed psychoacoustic music (Through a Dog’s Ear)
  • Reward-based reinforcement protocols (Victoria Stilwell, Positively.com)

CNP can be used in two distinctive ways:

  1. Habituation: To help prevent your puppy or dog from
    developing fears or phobias to fireworks, thunderstorms,
    and city sounds.
  2. Desensitization: To help your dog overcome an already-
    established fear or phobia of fireworks, thunderstorms,
    and city sounds.

Training protocols for City Sounds have been created by Victoria Stilwell, star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, and author of Train Your Dog Positively.

“I bought this for my dog two years ago. It is a positive conditioning CD. We all have mixed opinions of Victoria Stillwell’s training methods and I do not agree with some things, but this product is amazing. We stayed at level 1 or 2 for a few weeks. CD player on repeat. Then we graduated to higher levels. He is a new dog. I can’t speak for all dogs, but this was a game changer for us. He can go outside and potty with fireworks going off in the area. He can sleep during the night; not whine, pant, or stir constantly.”

—Desiree Monsanto, Santa Fe, NM

“I live in downtown Chicago and my dog used to bark at everything which would cause problems in our walks. She was afraid of the many loud sounds a city brings. At first this caused my dog more anxiety but over time she got better. Now she is not as afraid of the loud noises in the city.

—Paul Musaccio, Chicago, IL

“My puppy’s trainer recommended this album for my very nervous puppy. I play it around the apartment and when I leave and she is in her crate. It has definitely helped her focus on me when we go on our walks and deal with the real city noises and I’ve noticed she’s less nervous.

—Alex Fazer, Bronx, NY

A must have for fear based or reactive dogs!! This CD has helped my noise sensitive Kelpie deal with a wide range of noises she comes across in day to day life. It is also not unpleasant for humans to have to listen to!”

—Micari Lepito, Atlanta, GA


iCalmPet takes great pride in the music we distribute. If a recording does not meet your expectation we will gladly refund your money or replace it for you. See Customer Service for further details.


iCalmPet takes great pride in the music we distribute. If a recording does not meet your expectation we will gladly refund your money or replace it for you. See Customer Service for further details.