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Teach your dog fireworks are nothing to fear.

There isn’t a dog alive who loves fireworks. These explosions leave them quivering, panting, drooling, or at worst, destroying your home. With an ability to hear twice as many frequencies as people, at a capability over four times our own, it’s no wonder that so many pups struggle to be calm during the unexplained booming. Sound is an incredibly powerful sensory pathway for dogs, and when channeled properly, it can be used to effectively communicate calm, instead of fear. 

Since we can’t quiet the outside noise, the answer is to re-train the fear response. Fireworks uses soothing, specially re-arranged classical music synced to the natural rhythm of a relaxed mammalian nervous system–in combination with background fireworks sound effects–to effectively communicate that these explosions are nothing to fear.

Sit through the storms with zen.

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sound therapy for dogs fireworks phobias

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the slow and simplified classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. The breakthrough research behind TADE shows that the canine nervous system is extremely sensitive to sound — and that special arrangements of classical music have a profound soothing impact on anxious dogs. This clinically tested canine music is formulated for your dog’s calm behavior, as well as your discerning ear.

Dogs all over the world quiver when we humans send off fireworks (in dog language, unexplained booms of unimaginable terror). A night of fireworks can be an incredibly distressing, debilitating problem not only for dogs, but also for their owners, who feel powerless to help.

Since we can’t quiet the neighbors, we must re-train, or prevent the fear response with re-conditioning. This groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog the booming sounds of fireworks are nothing scary, and will help to gradually reduce your dog’s fear when exposed to these sounds.

The Fireworks music includes a verbal introduction by Victoria and sounds of fireworks (mild, moderate, and heavy) set against the backdrop of the Through a Dog’s Ear clinically-tested calming music. An adjoining booklet contains Victoria’s positive reinforcement training protocol. The goal is to re-frame your dog’s perception of the sounds of fireworks and associate these sounds with a calm feeling.

When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the included behavioral modification protocols included, you can rehabilitate your firework-phobic dog or prevent firework-phobia from ever developing in younger dogs.

soothing dog music for anxious fireworks dogs

What dog owners say about Fireworks

  • “I bought this for my dog two years ago. I can say fireworks do not bother him anymore. It is a positive conditioning CD. We all have mixed opinions of Victoria Stillwell’s training methods and I do not agree with some things, but this product is amazing. We stayed at level 1 or 2 for a few weeks. CD player on repeat. Then we graduated to higher levels. He is a new dog. I can’t speak for all dogs, but this was a game changer for us. He can go outside and potty with fireworks going off in the area. He can sleep during the night; not whine, pant, or stir constantly.” – Desiree Monsanto, Santa Fe, NM.
  • “My dog has an extreme fear of fireworks. I purchased the Fireworks CD as we approached the 4th of July and our neighbors started to set off fireworks in early celebration. For the last two weeks I have been playing the CD increasing the volume slightly as she tolerates it. She now sleeps through it. We haven’t experienced the 4th yet, but I can only think that this will help. I highly recommend.” – Karen Rogers, Austin, TX.
  • “Our female Great Pyrenees has recently developed fear of thunderstorms & fireworks. Never had this fear before, but apparently this can happen as dogs age. I used the thunderstorm CD and she had no episodes of trying to hide. I also used the other CD purchased for our male Great Pyrenees for fireworks and it worked much better on her than it did our male.” – Petunia Giles, Burlington, VT.
  • “My dog is from the shelter, 10 years old….I have him 3 years, he came to me with many traumas, the worst being separation anxiety and fear of storms…..I played this during a storm and really cranked it up-he hung close, in his thunder shirt, but was much more accepting of the noise. It’s suggested 3x at least per day, which I plan on doing every day until he can accept that he is “safe” and relaxes. I feel confident that following Victoria’s tips he can overcome his fear.” – Virginia Ciaccio, Durham, NC.

About Canine Noise Phobia Series

The Canine Noise Phobia series (CNP) is an innovative desensitization training tool that combines three distinctive elements for the treatment and prevention of sound-sensitivities and noise-phobias:

  • Progressive sound effects (distant/close)
  • Specially-designed psychoacoustic music (Through a Dog’s Ear)
  • Reward-based reinforcement protocols (Victoria Stilwell,

CNP can be used in two distinctive ways:

  1. Habituation: To help prevent your puppy or dog from
    developing fears or phobias to fireworks, thunderstorms,
    and city sounds.
  2. Desensitization: To help your dog overcome an already-
    established fear or phobia of fireworks, thunderstorms,
    and city sounds.

Training protocols for
Fireworks have been
created by Victoria Stilwell,
star of Animal Planet’s
It’s Me or the Dog,
and author of
Train Your Dog Positively.


How iCalmPet music programs work

Music for pets provides simple calming sounds and can improve health and behavior. The over-arching psychoacoustic theory informing iCalmPet music is summed up in just two words — simple sound. This term refers to the process of minimizing intricate auditory information. iCalmPet music is intentionally selected, arranged, and recorded to provide easeful auditory assimilation. Clinical research on dogs, cats, and people have found that while we hear different frequency spectrums, the mammalian auditory system, that we share, functions basically the same. iCalmPet music is individually designed for each species, based on clinical research and supplemented by anecdotal feedback received since 2003. Music for the enhancement of animal function is both a growing science and art.


Enjoy a Sample

Karganoff / Arabesque (Level II Intensity)
Beethoven / Dream Waltz (Level III Intensity)


Fireworks – Multiple Listening Formats

Download icon Easily download iCalmPet programs directly onto your digital device(s). We love downloads because they are environmentally sound, inexpensive, immediate gratification, germ-free, deliverable around the world, no shipping costs, no clutter, and, you own it – FOREVER!

How to Use Downloads

dog calming music plays on multiple devices
micro SD icon iCalm Micro SDs are easily interchangeable memory cards used in devices with a Micro SD port (or regular SD port with adaptor). In addition to iCalm Speakers, other compatible devices include SD-enabled MP3 players, portable speakers, computers, etc.

iCalm Micro SDs are high quality SanDisk 4 GB media.

canine firework phobia treatment


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  1. Lynne Overberg

    [No image, just a description of the image sent, as images cannot be posted with reviews]
    I thought you would appreciate this picture of one of my dogs on the 4th of July. This picture was taken in the thick of everyone setting off their fireworks. This is Shelby and she moved towards the ICalm on her own, and fell asleep, laying against it. My other dog, Sadie, was also calm through the fireworks, even though in previous years we’ve had to drug her to prevent her from harming herself. She would, literally, run around in a frenzy, running into things, with wild eyes and ears back. In fairness, we have CRAZY fireworks nearby, which includes M80s, so we also covered our windows and gave each dog half doses of medicine to relieve any anxiety they might have. Our windows and dishes, literally, rattle with the noise. As you can see, she was fine!
    Thanks, ICalm Pet, for helping my girls get through the 4th!

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