Cat Calming Downloadable Album (3-hrs)


Specialized music by Through a Cat’s Ear (3-hrs)
Cat Calming is designed to reduce stress in a chaotic or unsettling environment.

After the 2008 release of the book and music of Through a Dog’s Ear, requests for soundtracks designed for cats were constant. By 2013, we gathered enough research to feel confident designing music specifically for felines.

Our sonic to0lkit originates from sound therapies with neurodevelopmentally-challenged humans in which  tone, tempo and pattern are highly considered. We’ve adapted these psychoacoustic principles for cats. To address the feline auditory system, we’ve developed a technique called Sonic Anchoring. We also utilize Frequency Modulation. Both techniques are explained in the accompanying downloadable PDF file.

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The tracks on this album are meant to be played in order, as there are short Sonic Anchor Interlude tracks dispersed throughout the album.

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