Cat Stimulation Downloadable Album (1-hr)


Sonic Catnip for Kitty!

From soft and slow to fun and fast, these downloadable soundtracks provide a high- frequency diet, adjusted to a cat’s ability to hear three times higher than humans. Each sequence is timed for 10-minute play sessions with Kitty’s favorite 2-legged friend, hopefully that be you.

Instrumentation of these re-arranged classical tunes include piano, flute, and cello. Oh, and it’s sonic caffeine for peeps too. You and Kitty might just be kickin’ up your heels together before you know it. Go grab your dance partner and play… a vitally important element for all domesticated kitty cats.

Listen to Samples:

J.S. Bach / Flute Sonata
Gossec / Tambourine


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The tracks on this album are meant to be played in order, as there are short Sonic Anchor Interlude tracks dispersed throughout the album.

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