iCalm Dog Lover’s Deluxe 4.0

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This popular package is a great gift for you or your best dog-loving friends or family! With a dozen cool calming items, Dog Lover’s Deluxe features extended canine calming with a battery charger that adds 20+ hours of un-plugged listening to the existing 6+ hrs of the on-board battery. Do the math… this portable long-play capacity is great for when you’re really away or have concerns about power outages from weather or whatever’s!

In this iCalm Deluxe, you’ll find an iCalm 4.0 player, 5-hours of Through a Dog’s Ear music (Calm Your Canine and Human-Animal Bond), calm aroma spray, battery charger, shockproof case, adapter, two behavior booklets, micro card holder, cables, and a pouch to keep the accessories together. Like we said, this is a very cool bundle – at a super price – for any doggy household.

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Contents include:

  • iCalmDog 4.0 Music player with Bluetooth capability, modified for sensitive nervous systems.
  • Calm Your Canine Sound Card containing 4-hours of clinically-tested Through a Dog’s Ear music (Micro SD format).
  • Human-Animal Bond sound card containing a delightful hour of sensory enrichment for dogs and their people (Micro SD format).
  • Calm Aroma Mist 4 oz, natural, safe and effective calming spray.
  • Battery Charger provides 20 hours of extra charge time.
  • Carry-Case exclusively made to hold and protect your iCalmDog player. (You can play music while it’s inside the case, too.)
  • 2 Behavior Booklets for Calm Your Canine and Human-Animal Bond.
  • Micro Card Holder to store up to 8 Micro SD sound cards (the card holder is the size of a thick credit card).
  • Power Cable with Adapter charges from computer or electrical outlet.
  • Pouch to keep it all together.

All units are shipped in brand new working order, quality-control tested at our Oregon facility.


<!– See the Wooly Snuffle Mat in action with Gina, one of our canine product testers. –>


Your new iCalmDog 4.0 is so beautiful, clean and shiny. But, dogs can easily get things messy.

No worries, the iCalmDog Carry Case will not only keep your iCalmDog bright and shiny, but it’s also shockproof and weather resistant. As if that’s not enough, there’s also a little pocket for your adapter and charge cord.

Play your iCalmDog music while it’s in the case! Just zip it up and you’re good to go.

Music Programs


Calm Your Canine

4-hours of music by Through a Dog’s Ear, clinically tested to relieve canine anxiety. Relieves separation anxiety, quiets sound phobias, stops barking and so much more!


Human-Animal Bond

Sensory enrichment for dogs and their people. This 1-hour recording of beautiful trio music (piano, cello, oboe) has the tone, tempo, and patterns necessary to gently stimulate the human brain while keeping two- and four-legged heart rates in a relaxed state.

Expanded Functions

iCalmDog 4.0 can also be used in Bluetooth mode or as an external speaker (via enclosed audio-in cable) for most computers, tablets, and smart phones.

The Battery Charger is also convenient for 2-leggeds. It works great to charge your smart phone and other mobile devices. Comes in handy while traveling!

iCalmDog Package Comparison Chart

Every dog and all dog households are different. Click here to view a comparison chart of  iCalmDog packages to find what works best for your environment.


Additional information

Weight 24 oz

10 reviews for iCalm Dog Lover’s Deluxe 4.0

  1. Mary Ann Abeska

    I have the CDs but the iCalmDog player is perfect because I can put it wherever CeCe is when she is reacting to thunderstorms or fireworks. I play it every night in our bedroom. It’s also great for when we travel. The Calm Your Canine series has helped SO much with CeCe’s anxieties! She still doesn’t like storms (even just rain makes her nervous) but she is much calmer during it all.

  2. MHG

    You would not believe how much difference the iCalmDog units have made to my life. One of my dogs was terrified to ride in my truck. Thanks to a lot of work on my part (took him for a short ride to a fun place almost every day for over a year) and a lot of calming music from our iCalmDog, he now hops happily into the passenger seat and curls up as soon as the music starts. I use it for our vet visits, and we were able to do his OFA hip and elbow X-rays without any sedation. We also play it during his yearly Golden Retriever Lifetime Study visits, which require a very big blood draw. Thank you for these fabulous products!

  3. Jackie Olivier

    I take it to every veterinary visit and play at night when it’s time to relax (the doggies). I praised up your company to everybody.

    Thank you for great customer service

  4. Margaret Richardson

    I purchased iCalmDog after rescuing a dog that had severe separation anxiety, she was tiny and malnourished at that stage, but she literally destroyed a door when she had to be left at home during an emergency trip to the vet with my older dog. I’ve been using it now for well over two years, and the difference in my companion is remarkable. With iCalmDog playing, there has been no destruction of property. I find her lying on her bed when I return, and security footage shows that apart from a cursory check of the premises after I’d closed the door, she hadn’t moved from it.
    I adopted another rescued dog about 6 months ago and used it with her too to help her assimilate into her new surroundings. I highly recommend iCalmDog to anyone.

  5. Patty Soriano

    Dalton grew up during the time we were in a four-year drought, so he wasn’t acclimated to thunderstorms. We believe he endured a bad storm while we were on vacation. Home during another storm, he was freaking out, and we realized he had never been like this before. I started researching ways to help him. We bought the little shirt for him, but it didn’t help. He paced, he drooled, his panting and breathing were so heavy I was scared for him. Finally, I found iCalmDog and hoped for the best. It has made a huge difference for him.

  6. Maxine Goodyear

    I have just purchased your iCalm sound therapy. I have adopted a senior dog from a
    rescue and will be going to pick her up next week this will be just perfect to put next to her on the way home. I also have your CD’s and know they work wonders, especially on the 4th of July. I have shared this info with my neighbor who has a dog afraid of thunder.

  7. Rebecca Estel King

    I love iCalmDog and iCalmCat for my patients at the vet clinic, for my training consultations, and my own dogs. It’s wonderful for my thunderstorm and noise phobia cat, and my anxious dog! No more hiding under the bed!

  8. Sandy S.

    Rec’d my iCalm while my dog was pregnant. Played it for her while I was out & she was usually sleeping when I would get home. Also played it during cuddle time at night & she seemed much more relaxed!

  9. CA

    rescued a dog when she was 5 years old, around 5 years ago. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, but she had severe separation anxiety which I was not expecting. She destroyed property, broke off part of her tooth, hurt her back, and barked so much I thought I would get kicked from my apartment. I tried absolutely everything on the market for her anxiety. She does get medication because the vets and dog behaviorists I bring her to all say that helps her, and it absolutely does. But even with medication, she still got anxious every day I left for work. The destruction was less but it still happened and I still worried for her.

    I had tried calming sprays, the Thunder shirt, calming dog treats, everything I could think of, by the time I found iCalm Dog (if I remember correctly, my dog behaviorist actually recommended it). I honestly thought it might be a bit of a gimmick but at that point I was desperate so I figured I’d try. I am SO glad I did! This thing is actual magic! I leave it on every time I have to leave the house, and it helps SO much. She still barks sometimes, still sometimes gets into things, but the majority of the time she doesn’t. She no longer freaks out on the door when I leave; now, sometimes I come home and she’s still sitting on the bed. I bring it with me when we travel and play it while we sleep at night just to give her some familiar sensory input if she’s nervous or uncertain.

    Also, I discovered another freaking wonderful use: she is terrified of beeping sounds after my fire alarm blared for hours one night, and that became another huge hurdle we had to overcome. It was really a problem; she was more terrified than I ever saw her the second she heard ANY beep (any beeps at all from kitchen appliances, any beep or similar sound on TV, the washer/dryer, trucks outside backing up, my phone sometimes, sounds on the computer, the backup battery on my computer activating in a storm, anything at all) — and every time she jumps up, stands petrified, shakes so hard her whole body is quaking, gets wild rolling eyes, practically hyperventilates, pants so hard her mouth couldn’t be wider and her tongue is all the way out. She gets so scared she won’t even eat anything, including the extra medication the dog behaviorist recommended for those extreme situations, and Thunder shirts do nothing for her on their own. I eventually discovered I could put the thunder shirt on her, then play the iCalm Dog separation anxiety music, and then sit there calmly next to her, and she actually calms down. It takes her a little bit, but after a bit of hesitation she will lay down, continue to tremble for a while, but eventually the music calms her enough that she will relax and sometimes even sleep. Even without the Thunder shirt, I’ve started playing iCalm Dog when we have storms in the middle of the night and/or any sort of beep happens or any other situation occurs where she gets scared or I anticipate she might be scared. It’s incredible! It helps so much more than I ever thought would be possible. Plus, the music is relaxing enough that I can sleep through it.

    I love iCalm Dog so much I’m currently thinking of buying an entire second system so that I can keep one in my room instead of having to displace the normal one during these special events, and when I travel I don’t have to be so paranoid I’ll lose it and be screwed when we come home. With iCalm Dog, I feel so much safer leaving my dog home alone.

    Oh and it definitely is the iCalm Dog contributing to all this and not just my dog getting better with her anxiety as she ages, because once in a great while I get so rushed in the morning I think I turned it on and I didn’t. On those days, she’s always a lot more keyed up and wild-eyed when I come home, and I’m always wondering what got her in such a mood before I realize I didn’t remember to use iCalm Dog.

    Thank you so much for creating this! I was so worried about my little lady before I found you, and you’ve helped ease her anxiety (and my anxiety for her) by approximately a thousandfold.

  10. Vicki Johnson

    I have two fur babies, Buddy and Maxum. The transformation in Buddy is absolutely unreal. My Dad witnessed this when we were traveling to a trade show last year. Buddy hates his car and works himself up terribly. After 10minutes with the iCalm and his blanket, Buddy was fast asleep. And the rescue that was taking care of Maxum was so impressed, they bought an iCalm for the rescue dogs to enjoy. We are preparing for another trip and will be packing my iCalm in their go bag. Thank you Thank you

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