iCalm 5.0 Dog Lover’s Deluxe

$187.65 $149.95

This popular upsized package is a great gift for you or your best dog-loving friends and family! With multiple calming items, Dog Lover’s Deluxe is industrial-strength calming!

In this iCalmDog Deluxe package, you’ll find an iCalm 5.0 player, 5-hours of Through a Dog’s Ear music, calm aroma spray, power bank, micro card holder, behavior booklets, adapter, power and auxiliary cables, and a pouch to keep the accessories together. Like we said, this is a very cool bundle – at a super price – for any doggy household.

A great feature of iCalmDog Deluxe package, is a power bank that adds 20+ hours of un-plugged listening to the existing 24+ hours of the on-board battery. Do the math… this portable long-play capacity is great for when you’re really away or have concerns about power outages from weather or whatever’s!

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At $149.95, the iCalm 5.0 Dog Lover’s Deluxe is a great value and includes:

  • Calm Your Canine Sound Card containing 4-hours of clinically-tested Through a Dog’s Ear music (micro SD format)
  • Human-Animal Bond sound card contains 1-hour of delightful sensory enrichment for dogs and their people (micro SD format)
  • Creative™ Metallix portable speaker with Bluetooth and so much more – take your music anywhere!
  • Calm Aroma Mist 4 oz, natural, safe and effective calming spray
  • Power Bank provides 20+ hours of extra charge time
  • Shockproof Carry Case to keep speaker protected from the unexpected
  • 2 Behavior Booklets
  • Micro Card Holder to store up to 8 Micro SD sound cards (the card holder is the size of a thick credit card)
  • Power Cable (USB wall adapter not included) charges from computer or USB power source
  • Auxiliary cable for use as a wired external speaker for most devices
  • Pouch to keep it all together

All units are shipped in brand new working order, quality-control tested at our Oregon facility.

More about the Music Programs


Calm Your Canine

4-hours of specially designed music by Through a Dog’s Ear, clinically demonstrated to relieve canine anxiety. Relieves separation anxiety, quiets sound phobias, stops barking and so much more!


Human-Animal Bond

Sensory enrichment for dogs and their people. This 1-hour recording of beautiful trio music (piano, cello, oboe) has the tone, tempo, and patterns necessary to gently stimulate the brain while keeping two- and four-legged heart rates in a relaxed state.

Expanded Functions of the Portable Speaker

This is a substantial and multi-functional device. In addition to playing Through a Dog’s Ear music via micro SD sound cards, Creative™ Metallix can also be used:

  • in Bluetooth mode, making it easy to stream Through a Dog’s Ear (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited) or your own music
  • as an auxiliary speaker
  • as a cell phone speaker/microphone
  • as an FM radio
  • with your own playlists on Micro SD sound cards

iCalmDog Package Comparison Chart

Every dog and all dog households are different. Click here to view a comparison chart of  iCalmDog packages to find what works best for your environment.


Creative Metallix™ is a registered trademark of Creative Technology Limited in the USA and/or other countries. The inclusion of Creative Lab’s products or trademarks within iCalmPet packages does not imply sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by Creative Technology Limited.

Additional information

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in


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