Dog Lover’s Deluxe 5.0


Calm, for every situation.

The Dog Lover’s Deluxe package is for those who go above and beyond, and want to have a wide array of musical tools ready for all occasions.  In this Deluxe package, you’ll find an iCalm 5.0 player, paired with 10.5-hours of Through a Dog’s Ear and iCalm for People music. It’s accompanied by a shockproof carry case, power bank, Through a Dog’s Ear book (with CD), behavior booklets, plus power and auxiliary cables. The iCalmDog Deluxe package gives you calm at the ready, and on the go, for whatever you and your beloved pup might encounter. With multiple calming items, Dog Lover’s Deluxe is industrial-strength calming!

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the simplified, slow, beautiful classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. All TADE music is bioacoustically-designed to calm, and works to relieve separation anxiety, masks sound phobias, and quiet barking.

Let your pup find their zen. 


The Dog Lover’s Deluxe 5.0 is a great value and includes:

  • Calm Your Canine Micro SD Sound Card containing 3-hours of clinically-tested Through a Dog’s Ear music
  • A Calm Variety Micro SD Sound Card containing 3-hours of specially designed reggae, solo piano, and classical trios
  • In the Car Micro SD Sound Card containing 75-minutes of specially designed music to keep your dog relaxed while keeping you alert
  • DeStress Micro SD Sound Card for People has 1-hour of music to slow brainwaves, heart rate and breath
  • Focus on Task Micro SD Sound Card for People with 1-hour of music optimal for human productivity, clear focus, and enhanced concentration
  • Sleep Micro SD Sound Card for People containing 1-hour of sweet and simple melodies to lull you to sleep, naturally; followed by 10-hours of silence so that your brain can continue sleep cycles in peace
  • Creative™ Metallix portable speaker with Bluetooth and so much more – take your music anywhere!
  • Power Bank provides 20+ hours of extra charge time
  • Pouch
  • Through a Dog’s Ear Book and Starter CD (Using Sound to Improve the Health & Behavior of Your Canine Companion by Joshua Leeds & Susan Wagner, DVM, MS)
  • 3 Behavior Booklets
  • Power Cable (USB wall adapter not included) charges from computer or USB power source
  • Auxiliary cable for use as a wired external speaker for most devices

All units are shipped in brand new working order, quality-control tested at our Oregon facility.

download calming dog music for soothing anxious dogs

What dog owners say about the music of Through a Dog’s Ear

  • “Our Chihuahua has PTSD from before she came to live with us. I ordered this as well as the separation anxiety one. Both work within minutes to calm her down.  – Cindy Yametz, Sacramento, CA.
  • “I own a doggie daycare in Anchorage, Alaska. We average almost one hundred dogs in our facility each day. They are separated into seven classrooms, each room having approximately 12-14 dogs. We have been using the Through A Dog’s Ear series since 2007 and find that they are a key component to keeping our clients active, yet calm in a safe environment. We hear from our clients and the public who walk into our lobby that it sounds like a spa. They cannot believe we have so many dogs in our care given how quiet it is, and our facility has no sound proofing.” – Kari Campbell, Anchorage, AK.
  • “When I put the music on, all three of our Labs come into my craft room, find a favorite spot and almost immediately go to sleep….I sometimes play them when a storm is approaching, as we live in Florida and get tropical storms and afternoon storms during hurricane season. They really soothe all of the dogs and the music is enjoyable to me.” – Marianne White, Oakland, FL.
  • “The music that I hear is not only calming to animals, but it is also calming to children and adults. It can help anyone or any animal get a good nights sleep. Just listening to it is very calming. You can’t go wrong.” – Emily Boliver, Asheville, NC.

About iCalm Speakers

Quality sound, long batteries, easily expandable, and multiple functional. We love ’em!

calming music for dogs icalmdog through a dogs ear separation anxiety

All units are shipped in brand new working order, quality-control tested at our Oregon facility. If you are concerned about germs, don’t be. Our speakers are made in China and have been in the US since November 2019.


Creative Metallix™ is a registered trademark of Creative Technology Limited in the USA and/or other countries. The inclusion of Creative Lab’s products or trademarks within iCalmPet packages does not imply sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by Creative Technology Limited.

Additional information

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 4 in

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