iCalmCat 4.0 Standard

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No more stressed kitties, missed veterinary visits, or cat fights.

iCalmCat provides feline sound therapy on a compact portable player, great for playing at home and anywhere!

Specially designed classical music arrangements reduce stress in chaotic and unsettling environments. Simply press & play and the serene solo piano of iCalmCat brings the constancy needed for feline health and behavior.

But, you don’t have to be a 4-legged to enjoy. 2-leggeds also benefit from the soothing and peaceful soundtracks.

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With powerful, crisp, room-filling sound we believe you’ll find the sound quality on iCalmCat far superior to anything you’ve ever heard in a portable speaker. Now when you leave the house with your mobile music, Kitty has her own bioacoustically-designed music to chill.

Feline stress leads to illness and weird behaviors. Research shows that cats don’t like stress in their physical environment – strangers, additional animals, loud noises, different food, owner illness, etc. While change is a part of life, cats don’t adjust to transitions very well, iCalmCat creates a consistent auditory environment.

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Valued at $93.10, the iCalmCat  4.0 Standard includes:

  • iCalmCat player (with Bluetooth for the 2-leggeds)
  • Micro sound card with 3-hours of Calming music
  • Shockproof Carry Case
  • USB Adapter
  • Power cable
  • Behavior Booklet

What Makes iCalmCat Different than iCalmDog?

Calming, the Micro sound card that comes standard with every iCalmCat, contains 3-hours of specially designed classical music re-recorded in fine studios with very big grand pianos.

While the player is the same, the Calming music is mixed differently than our canine music in two distinct ways: Sonic Anchoring and Frequency Modulation.

These techniques are designed to establish both a sense of environmental auditory consistency and to ‘discharge’ or calm the feline nervous system with predominant mid- and low-range frequencies. This is accomplished simply by composition choice and octave range. There are no added frequencies other than pure, organic piano tones.

What is Sonic Anchoring?

Our goal is to create a mental and emotional sense of safety that arises from familiarity. We accomplish this through a recognizable sequence of notes.

While people hear these short interludes (from CPE Bach’s Rondo Espressivo) as repeating melodic intervals, we believe cats cognitively categorize this sonic information as a familiar frequency matrix. Cats are not so much hearing the melody, but feeling a sequence of vibrational frequencies, particularly when they are lying near their iCalmCat. Similar to sensory information we instantly recognize a favorite taste or aroma, our best friend’s voice, a mother’s touch – familiar sensory cues can have a profound and calming impact on the nervous system while providing psychological security.

Of the 44 compositions that comprise iCalmCat’s Calming music, minute-long variations of the Bach interlude are inserted every 2-3 compositions.

The iCalmCat player will auto-repeat the Calming music (as long as the battery holds or if plugged into a power source.)

What is Frequency Modulation

To further focus the therapeutic impact, we’ve borrowed from the extraordinary sound therapy methodology created by Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001).

In post-production mixing, we’ve removed higher frequencies from our re-arranged piano music. This frequency modulation (FM) also takes place in the mid-and low-frequency ranges. Essentially, by reducing or boosting specific nutrients of sound, arousing frequencies are reduced and soothing frequencies are increased. Through progressive FM, the resonance principle affects the nervous system. (This is true with humans and dogs, as well.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in

7 reviews for iCalmCat 4.0 Standard

  1. Dolly Ensey

    As a pet sitter, iCalmCat is an invaluable addition to my toolkit. All of the kitties in my care just love it. They are always curious, move towards it, and just curl up to the soothing sounds. It’s like I bring them a soothing sonic pill. I recommend iCalmCat and the music programs – Stimulation and Noise Phobias to all of my clients and cat loving friends.

  2. Rosetta Macario

    I must say, I was skeptical at the beginning. I am well aware of the results with humans…….but a CAT?!
    HOWEVER……there is a noted difference. We’ve been turning it on daily, when Rags settles down for one of her many naps, and it does seem to be having an influence. She does not seem nearly as jumpy or nervous. The music is having it’s desirable effect. Thank you!

  3. Purdon, Jennifer

    I don’t know if I like this more for myself or for the cats! It’s beautiful music that plays softly in the background. I turn it on in the am and the battery lasts most of the day. I can’t say that it’s changed any behaviors, but I really like it!

  4. Amy Tongue

    I am a veterinarian who has used and recommended your CDs for several years. We use the CDs in our dog and cat kennels as well as in our grooming parlor, and I recently purchased one of the iCalmDog and iCalmCat little mp3 speakers for our lobby and exam rooms. The iCalmCat speaker has made a noticeable improvement in our cat visits, and my theory is that it calms the (often very anxious) cat owners as well as the cats for an added effect. I’ve noticed for years that cats feed off their humans and the improvement with the speaker has reinforced that. Thank you!

  5. Zoë

    I want to thank you for your recordings. I have a multiple cat household and your music has been the best medicine ever for my furry little ones. My husband and I also find your playing so relaxing… S’ Wonderful. All our best wishes… and our cats’ too. Zoë PS. We live in Australia.

  6. L. A.

    My high energy Bengal mix experiences extreme separation anxiety when I have to be away for work. I bought her a snuggle kitty with a battery operated ‘heartbeat,’ which helps tremendously, but as she’s grown older, she needed more than that. The music from her new iCalmCat is the answer to our needs. She remains noticeably calmer when the music is playing. My 13-year-old granddaughter now turns the music on whenever she comes over and has even asked her mother for her own classical piano music to listen to, she loves it so much. Brilliant product!

  7. Mira Bieler

    My 15 year old fur baby kitty was a former ferral that I adopted at 6 months and although very loved and pampered has always been very skittish/shy. It’s her nature.

    She has always been very healthy, but has really struggled health wise the last 6 months.

    After test after inconclusive test I started to feel her health issues were stressed induced and looked for natural solutions.

    An hour after plugging in the iCalmCat I noticed a difference. And a week later she has almost completely rebounded. I have my healthy happy furrbaby back.

    Thank you!

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