iCalmDog Speaker à la carte (Speaker only; order music separately)


The iCalmDog speaker à la carte provides a personalized approach for each canine household. This versatile package includes the specially-designed speaker only, without musical content. This provides you the option of:

  • Customizing the iCalmDog speaker with appropriate sound cards
  • Streaming iCalmDog music from Apple Music, Spotify through a blue-tooth device
  • Playing iCalmDog music by connecting via audio cable

Since the iCalmDog 3.0s à la carte package comes without musical content, you choose the specialized music or training program that is right for you and your dogs. Whether you have a puppy, mature, or senior dog, we’ve got you covered. For a full list, click here. The cost of the sound cards are additional to the à la carte package.

Welcome to the digital age! If you are a streamer, à la carte is perfect for you. We provide the specially-designed speaker, you access world-renowned iCalmDog content from a streaming service. We are currently available on Apple Music and Spotify.

What is the benefit of iCalmDog à la carte over other portable speakers?
This is a fully customized unit designed for sensitive nervous systems. No obnoxious beeps or flashing lights, the iCalmdog unit is wonderfully simple and easy-to-use.

What is the primary benefit of this iCalm à la carte option?
This speaker-only package is most cost efficient for streamers and/or owners who want to customize their iCalm system. For example, if you have a senior dog, add the Elderly Canine sound card. If you have a puppy, add the Puppy-Pak. Other programs address separation anxiety, reactive issues, automobile anxiety, or sound phobias. You can always add easily interchangeable sound cards based on your pet’s situation.

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A brown dog snuggled up next to her iCalmDog speaker à la carte. This dog music speaker is compact, unique, and portable.

Looking for a dog music speaker to fit your lifestyle?

The iCalmDog speaker à la carte is a versatile and user-friendly dog music speaker designed specifically for dogs, but you can use it too!

How will you benefit from iCalmDog speaker à la carte?

  • Personalize – Click to view a music program menu to see what serves your doggy’s needs.
  • Streaming music for YOU – Use the simple Bluetooth function for streaming your fave music from smart phone, tablet, computer, etc. Just press the bone or circle on top to switch to blue-tooth mode.
  • Streaming music for your DOG – Long-play clinically-tested “Through a Dog’s Ear” music tracks are now available on Apple Music and Spotify. (Google and Amazon may follow.) You’ll be able to leave your pooch for a day at a time with soothing canine music playing non-stop.
  • Previous iCalmDog model – If you have an iCalmDog 2.0 and want to upgrade to the fully modified iCalmDog 3.0s with improved sound and ease of function (we’ve removed disturbing sound prompts and abrasive blinking lights)*.
  • Multi-pet household – One dog stays home and listens to 3.0s à la carte and the other goes with you with his own iCalmDog 3.0s (with sound card).

*Please note: Any 2.0 iCalmDog speaker purchased after 5/22/16 will have a Calm Your Canine micro sound card that is compatible with iCalmDog 3.0s à la carte. iCalmDog 1.0 flash drives and sound cards are not compatible with 3.0s.

Contents Include:

  • iCalmDog 3.0s with Bluetooth
  • Power and audio cables

Note: If you want the Calm Your Canine sound card with 4-hours of clinically tested calming music, please purchase one of the other packages here

Please be aware of poor quality imitations on the streaming sites that claim to be Through a Dog/Cat’s Ear recordings!

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Bluetooth capable


Input port

Mini USB (cable included), Auxiliary input allows you to connect 
to MP3, MP4, PC, Laptop and more

Music file format



Lithium rechargeable battery (Built-in), 8 hour charge life

Power supply




Output power


Working current


Frequency response





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