iCalmDog Battery Boost

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Want a calm dog? Just press and play… anywhere!

This iCalmDog Battery Boost package includes the player, 4-hours of specially arranged classical piano music, a shockproof case, adapter, and other goodies. Oh! And lest we forget… the cool battery boost charger!

An unplugged iCalmDog 3.0s will play about 8 hours on a full charge. However, when you add the iCalmDog Battery Boost, you have calming music for another 20+ hours, anywhere! Wowza! No more worry about power outages with this Battery Boost package.

The iCalm 3.0s is a fully modified player – customized for sensitive nervous systems. There are no bright flashes or loud prompts. You’ll be very pleased with peaceful, easy functionality and lovely sound quality.

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the progressively slowing and simplified classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. This clinically tested canine music is not only for Buster’s discerning ear, but even more importantly, his improved health and calm behavior.

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iCalmDog 3.0s is a compact, easy-to-use speaker. It comes pre-loaded with 4 hours of Through A Dog’s Ear music (on an easily interchangeable Micro SD sound card). The auto-repeat player function enables uninterrupted listening of this gentle and calming canine music.

Featuring fabulous sound quality, iCalmDog 3.0s can be played 8 hours at a time before needing to be charged. Or if used at home, simply plug it into the included adapter, and it will play forever! Happy zzz’s for Buster! But when you are out and about, or your power goes out, the iCalmDog Battery Boost provides an additional 20+ hours of iCalm power.

All units are shipped in brand new working order, quality-control tested at our Oregon facility. This is a substantial and multi-functional device. The blue exterior is sturdy and fits comfortably in your hand.

Click here to view a simple comparison chart of all four iCalmDog packages.

Why iCalmDog Battery Boost?

Your dog is on the go often. While she doesn’t have a mobile phone (yet), she’s got a mobile lifestyle. With iCalmDog she can chill anywhere… vet clinic, groomer, dog sitter, and anywhere her four little paws (and your automobile) take her. After all, you leave the house with your mobile music.

Carry Case for iCalmDog 3.0s

Your new iCalmDog 3.0s is so beautiful, clean and shiny. But, dogs can easily get things messy. No worries. We’ve gotcha covered. Well… we actually have your iCalm player covered.

The included iCalmDog Carry Case will not only keep your iCalmDog bright and shiny, but it’s also shockproof and weather resistant. As if that’s not enough, there’s also a little pocket for your adapter and charge cord. Just zip it up and you’re good to go. The music can be heard even when the player is zipped up in the case, making it great for walks!


iCalmDog Battery Boost contents

  • iCalmDog 3.0s with Bluetooth
  • Calm Your Canine Micro sound card (4 hours of clinically tested music)
  • Battery boost charger (provides 20+ hours of extra playtime)
  • Shockproof Carry Case
  • Calm Your Canine laminated content card
  • USB adapter and power cable
  • Behavior Solutions Booklet

Expanded Functions
iCalmDog 3.0s can also be used in Bluetooth mode or as an external speaker (via enclosed cable) for most computers, tablets, and smart phones.

The Battery Charger is also convenient for you. It works great to charge your smart phone and other mobile devices. Comes in handy while traveling!

Additional information

Weight 27 oz

14 reviews for iCalmDog Battery Boost

  1. Patty

    iCalmDog has helped so much with Dalton’s attitude during a storm, even if it’s just some far off thunder. He no longer clings to me when he hears it. During our last rain, I almost forgot that he was ever bothered by it all.

  2. Vicki Johnson

    We were packed and ready to evacuate to a safe location when the tornado sirens went off! Stress levels heightened when everyone had to be crated and taken out in the pouring rain. Once at the safe location, the task of moving them into the basement (none of them had ever visited the basement) Not to mention my stress level, at having to leave my home, my business, my life. Getting them settled…I pulled out my iCalmDog from the “go” bag, turned it on and within a few minutes, everyone was calm. No crying, No barking, No anxiety, Just calm. When the “all clear” sounded, I packed everyone back up still playing the music. (So glad I purchased the Battery Boost.) We traveled back home in silence and I continued the music once everyone got back home. It was a lifesaver!

  3. Erika Slovikoski

    I use it in the car when my dogs are crated waiting for their turn at Agility trials. I also use it at home when there is noise outside like fireworks or jackhammers. I just love how comforting it is to the dogs and to me

  4. Dot Mitchell

    Just to let you know, our 2 dogs rested peacefully while listening to their music while evacuated to a hotel in the midst of Hurricane Matthew. We were only a few miles from home and the ocean where the storm occurred on Friday evening. Never appreciated it as much as when we had no power, and listened to the wind and rain howl in a dark hotel. I have several of your cd’s and the battery boost but only one micro card, so just ordered the second card. Thank you!

  5. Laura

    This music has been a god send for my family and my very anxious dog. I play my iCalmDog everyday while at work, at night and when I take my dog to the Vet. The staff at the vet were so impressed they borrowed it one day and used it in a room with an anxious client, they now have the music playing in different rooms in the clinic. I cannot speak highly enough of the iCalmDog and Through a Dogs Ear. Their products have been life changing for my entire household (I even played it for my mother when she was in the hospital and struggling and throughout hospice care). The customer service is also beyond exceptional, you won’t regret the investment.

  6. Peg Hickox

    It happens we are traveling to a dog show staying in a hotel.
    Saco is passed out listening to our icalmdog!!

  7. Jean Henning

    My British chocolate lab puppy loves your iCalm music as much as my yellow lab did. I also love it.

  8. Patty Soriano

    Since using iCalmDog my Dalton has become SO much calmer during storms and fireworks. It’s night and day. He still has a little anxiety and wants to be right beside me, but he no longer paces, drools and shakes uncontrollably. I’m SO thankful that I found Lisa! To help calm him the rest of the way I put therapeutic lavender oil on the inside of his ears. This helps with that last little bit of anxiety he feels during these bad times.

  9. Barb

    We have played your music for years now. At a “don’t what to else try for this dog” moment with our newly rescued dog that had separation anxiety, I learned of Through A Dog’s Ear. Worked instantly. Amazing the change and we still use it today when we leave home. Sometimes I even play it on days when Mom is a little stressed and needs to relax a bit 🙂

  10. Tena Parker

    I play iCalmDog in my group classes to help provide a nice and calm atmosphere for dogs. It works wonderfully in my fearful dog classes and my reactive dog classes but the difference for puppy classes is also quite noticeable!

  11. Deborah Voves

    I foster rescued dogs and the iCalm helps them so much. They are usually pretty stressed by the time they come to me but within a short period of time with the iCalm, they are relaxed and settling in beautifully.

  12. Denise Flora

    I love the Through A Dog’s Ear music. I use in my training classes. It has worked wonders for the fearful dogs in my classes. Thanks so much for this wonderful music!

  13. Conni Su Herrington

    I absolutely love this concept and it works. My precious baby boy, Lex, passed away earlier this year BUT I have to say the couple of years he was with me and had started becoming anxious about bad weather and about loud noises. With iCalmDog, I could tell an almost immediate difference in his behavior. And I left it playing all day long while I was away at work during the week; and at night when we went to bed I would turn it on and let it play through the night. The minute I turned it on he got on his pillow and was ready for bed. I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. I will be getting another baby the end of September and I will play iCalmDog for him regardless of whether he has issues – I think it’s awesome just to leave that relaxing and beautiful music playing all day to comfort them our pets when we are away. Getting things ready for him to have a long and happy and healthy and loved life with me. This will definitely be a large part of his life.

  14. Diane Carney (verified owner)

    I love iCalmDog! I have the iCalmDog and the CD’s which I use for car sickness and separation anxiety. I currently have a rescue GSD who has benefited greatly from the use of her iCalmDog.
    Thank you for producing such a great product!!

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