iCalmDog 5.0 Calm Variety — Classical/Reggae Blend

$99.95 $89.95

This iCalmDog package is your very fun and effective Calm Variety-pak, containing 3-hours of specially designed dog calming music with the exclusive Creative™ Metallix portable speaker.

This is a perfect soundtrack during stressful times when humans and animals are sharing space for long periods of time. This music has multiple functions: it will keep dogs calm while people stay focused and awake.

What distinguishes this bundle is the 3-hrs of music entitled A Calm Variety. This interchangeable micro SD card includes bioacoustically arranged reggae music that has been carefully intermixed with classical piano and trios. 2017 research out of Scotland discovered mixing musical styles keeps dogs calmer longer.

Regardless of the hardware we sell, it is always the music of Through a Dog’s Ear that is the headline. Since 2005, our music has been proven to calm furry friends and their humans around the world. Clinically-demonstrated Through a Dog’s Ear music is simply beautiful and has great results. And now… with a touch of specialized reggae, it’s fun and happy, too!

 A Calm Variety is effective for the following functions:

• Calm and settle
• Focus on task
• Stronger noise masking  
• Soothes elderly and hearing impaired dogs
• Fun and healing
• Keeps dogs calmer longer

If you are looking for seriously industrial-strength calming music, the all classical package or CC micro SD card may be right for your household. And, if you are looking for something that calms and can also be used when people are also around (while not putting YOU to sleep, Zzzzz), or if you are doing activities that require calm focus, this Reggae/Classical Mix may suite you and your dog(s) well. You can also purchase the 3-hr classical (CC) micro SD card separately, and this will give you a unique 6-hrs of interchangeable music to use as you see fit.

We are truly excited to add iCalmDog Reggae to our famous classical archive. We believe calming can also be fun, and fun can be healing. Here’s further information.


Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the slow and simplified classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. This clinically tested canine music is not only for your discerning ear, but more importantly, your dog’s calm behavior. (See Why Music for Dogs.)

Recent research suggests dogs exposed to a variety of appropriate musical styles stay calmer longer! Rotating iCalmDog Reggae with classical Through a Dog’s Ear piano and trio compositions actually prolongs the canine relaxation response. According to 2017 University of Glasgow/Scottish SPCA research, “…the effect of habituation may be reduced by increasing the variety of auditory enrichment provided.”

 iCalmDog Reggae (iCDR) music, by the Through a Dog’s Ear team, is calming by design, however one doesn’t expect it upon the initial hearing because it is energetic and exciting by nature. As gleaned from our surveys, iCDR has bioacoustic nuances that makes it a valuable complement to your canine calming library. Similar in how we, as people, have certain pieces of music we use for different purposes, the same principle applies with the addition of iCalmDog Reggae to the Through a Dog’s Ear library. Like people, dogs differ in their sensory perceptions, sometimes day to day. What works for some may not work for others. Further information can be found here.

If for any reason the music in this bundle is not effective for your particular household, you can easily exchange the enclosed CV micro SD sound card for a CC micro SD sound card. We actually recommend having both. Return/Exchange information.

The iCalmDog 5.0 Reggae/Classical Mix package includes a great multi-functional speaker with an auto-repeat player function. This allows uninterrupted listening of calming canine music, beloved around the world.

All units are shipped in brand new working order, quality-control tested at our Oregon facility.

At the introductory rate of $89.95, the iCalmDog 5.0 A Calm Variety-Reggae/Classical Blend is a great value and includes:

  • A Calm Variety (CV) micro SD sound card (3-hours of reggae, solo piano, and classical trios)
  • Creative™ Metallix portable speaker – take your music anywhere!
  • Power cable (USB wall adapter not included)
  • Behavior Solutions Booklet
  • Speaker Instruction Booklet

Expanded Speaker Functions

This is a substantial and multi-functional device. In addition to playing Through a Dog’s Ear music via easily interchangeable micro SD sound cards, the 5.0 speaker can also be used:

  • in Bluetooth mode, making it easy to stream Through a Dog’s Ear (Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc.) or your own music
  • as an auxiliary speaker
  • as a cell phone speaker/microphone
  • as an FM radio
  • with your own playlists on Micro SD sound cards

iCalm quick-start instructions – focusing on the unit in SD sound card mode – come with all packages. For other functions, the manufacturer’s instruction booklet is also included.

Why iCalms?

iCalm music and speakers have been created to help our dogs and cats feel better. The human environment can be unnatural and is often difficult for our pets. Over time, difficulty in adaptation can cause physical and psychological problems. The music of Through a Dog’s Ear helps pet households internationally. When responsibly used, sound is a natural, non-toxic, effective tool for change. Regardless of size or hair count, we all have ears. Sound vibrations are easily internalized by pets and can function as a nutrient for the nervous system.

The iCalm 5.0 speaker is our favorite speaker and here’s why:

  • Warm and lovely sound quality
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Super compact & portable
  • All kinds of uses, including Micro SD Card and Bluetooth
  • 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee; 1-year Defect Warranty

Why iCalmDog Reggae? Fun is healing!

We’re lovin’ this cool addition to our Through a Dog’s Ear classical archives. Not only is this music fun, fun, fun… but it provides an additional way to keep our canine household’s calm. Here’s how and why.

Listen to samples


Disclaimer: Creative Metallix™ is a registered trademark of Creative Technology Limited in the USA and/or other countries. The inclusion of Creative Lab’s products or trademarks within iCalmPet packages does not imply sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by Creative Technology Limited.


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in


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