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In the Car (75 min)

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Beautiful music to keep humans alert and dogs relaxed.

Many dogs have at least some level of anxiety about riding in the car. This anxiety often manifests as panting, drooling, barking, or pacing from window to window during car trips. It’s painful to see our beloved pups in such a state of fear, so we created a beautiful and effective solution that re-patterns car anxiety with calm relaxation.

In The Car is specially designed to keep your dog relaxed, while keeping you alert. Building on an established 20-min base of simplified sound, In the Car begins to gradually increase tempo and harmonic complexity, keeping the driver awake and canines settled. Using bioacoustic techniques of entrainment and pattern recognition, we use music to create a calm, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere. The included PDF booklet also contains varying instructions on how to re-pattern car stress for dogs with differing levels of severity.

Welcome to a world of calm rides with your canine companion.

classical music to calm dogs in cars
calm your canine is dog calming music that works

Music as beautiful as it is effective.

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the slow and simplified classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. The breakthrough research behind Through a Dog’s Ear shows that the canine nervous system is extremely sensitive to sound — and that special arrangements of classical music have a profound soothing impact on anxious dogs. This clinically tested canine music is formulated for your dog’s calm behavior, as well as your discerning ear.

Traveling in the car can be extremely stressful for some dogs. Many of the more sensitive ones can exhibit anxiety issues while riding in a moving vehicle. We’ve come to understand that creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the car for these dogs is essential.

To accomplish this balance of driver alert/canine relaxed, we have continued to work with the principles of entertainment (the effect of external periodic tempo to change internal body pulse systems) and pattern identification (the effect of complex vs. simple patterns to arouse or relax brain function). In surveys with more than one hundred dogs using psychoacoustically designed soundtracks, we’ve found that once a dog is calm for about twenty minutes, moderately faster rhythms and more complex auditory data can be added to the sonic environment without concern for disturbance. Simply put, the dogs stay in a calm state even with gradually progressive increases in tempo and complexity. In the Car starts with slow, simplified piano music and gradually increases the tempo and harmonic complexity; this helps keep the driver awake and focused. In The Car also includes Travel Prep — an additional 20 minutes of music to prepare especially anxious dogs for riding in the car, as well as a behavior booklet with specific training protocols that address three degrees of auto anxiety.

In the Car is a drug-free solution that works to permanently re-pattern fear and stress, associating the car as a safe haven. Whether you’re taking your four-legged friend for a short spin across town, or on a long road trip, here is an invaluable music companion to help both you and your dog enjoy the ride.

“We followed the directions on first playing the CD in the house when she was relaxed, then playing it just sitting in the driveway, etc. It helped my dog learn to deal with car rides. She still doesn’t love them, but she no longer trembles or looks anxious. Before the CD, we couldn’t even get her to eat any treats in – or even outside but close to – the car.”

—Christie King, Rochester, MN.

“Ok, so I have this very anxious, high anxiety, hyper lab who doesn’t do so well riding in a car and I thought I’d give this a try. At first it didn’t work as indicated on the CD jacket, but then next time after only a minute or two in the car, my dog was fairly calm and trying to relax. Within another 5 minutes, he actually stopped his whining, fidgeting and excessive drooling and actually was calm for the remainder of the ride. I’m not certain this will work for every dog, but it did seem to help my dog and as Cesar Milan says, it’s the human that needs training, not so much the dog. My children think I’m nuts for trying this but even in the event it doesn’t work for your dog, you’ll have a great classical CD to listen to for yourself because the music is absolutely beautiful!”

—Zes Sayoni, Victoria, Australia.

We use this for all car rides and it has been amazingly awesome. My Westie can travel in a calm state. It has made a big impact. Also have Through a dogs ear for home and it is very helpful as well. Highly recommend both”

—HS Holbrook, Pomona, NY.

“I play the calming CD in this series at home before we leave for the clinic, then play this one in the car on the way. Her stress level upon arriving at the vet’s is less than it always was prior to use of the CD. I know everyone isn’t convinced this music is helpful, but I have proof that it helps my dog (and, consequently, me). I recommend the series highly. The music is enjoyable for humans, too”

—Brit Marling, Cheswick, London.


iCalmPet takes great pride in the music we distribute. If a recording does not meet your expectation we will gladly refund your money or replace it for you. See Customer Service for further details.


iCalmPet takes great pride in the music we distribute. If a recording does not meet your expectation we will gladly refund your money or replace it for you. See Customer Service for further details.