iCalmDog Reggae, 1-hr (Micro SD Card, CD, Download)

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iCalmDog Reggae brings the healing power of fun to your household.

Choose between micro SD sound card, CD, or Downloadable files to keep and play on your favorite devices.

In settings with stress or tension, simply having fun together is a natural remedy. With iCalmDog Reggae, happiness fills your pet household with calm and connection. 

Including delightful Jamaican rhythms, iCalmDog Reggae features contemporary instrumentation–percussion, guitars, keyboards, and horns. Sophisticated software shifts upbeat rhythms into calming tempos while keeping the music sounding great! The effect: your dog settles while your household is bright and cheery.

iCalmDog Reggae is a perfect complement to our classic Calm Your Canine series. Mixing styles will keep your canine household calmer longer.
Reggae Micro sound card works with the following iCalmDog models:
2.0, 2.0a, 2.0b, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0m, 5.0.

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Based on clinical research!

Researchers from University of Glasgow and the Scottish SPCA performed clinical testing with 38 dogs. Their research suggested that reggae music was successful in calming canines in the most stressed pet environment – the animal shelter.*

From a bioacoustic vantage point, the 2017 published findings from Scotland were not surprising. I believe the right combination of tone, tempo, and pattern is key to effective sound therapy for people and pets.
With reggae, there is:
• A predominance of bass, which tends to discharge the nervous system.
• Tempos are basically slow and with iCalmDog Reggae, even slower.
• Simple melodies and harmonies, thereby allowing quick pattern recognition that leads to passive hearing – great for calming the mind.
All in all, reggae-style music contains ingredients perfect for canine relaxation. Through a Dog’s Ear has applied innovative arranging and studio techniques to make reggae music even more beneficial.

Why is fun important to healing the pet household? 

As a pet’s guardian, nothing is sadder than when the human/animal relationship becomes tattered. When something goes awry, be it pathological, environmental, or accidental–and we can’t find solutions to help our animals be comfortable in our human environs–it’s a heartbreaking time.

I know from decades of work with therapeutic sound and people, that there is a distinction between healing and curingiCalmDog Reggae may not be a magic wand for everything, but it sure creates a joyful environment that allows difficulties to dissipate and affectionate heart space to return.

With iCalmDog Reggae, innovation meets fun. We know you’ll enjoy these joyful rhythms while your pups snooze!

How to Use iCalmDog Reggae

We’re looking to create positive association. If you have a nervous canine, we suggest you play iCalmDog Reggae when your dog is not exhibiting anxiety. This will allow your pooch to associate this music with a positive state of being. When you have done this at least three times, you can proceed to using iCalmDog Reggae when your dog is exhibiting anxiety. If the music doesn’t keep your dog calm at first, stop and use it several more times while not anxious. You may also want to discuss additional therapies with your vet, behaviorist, or trainer.

Specific applications include separation and thunderstorm anxiety, fireworks, excitement with visitors, stressful times with people, boarding, pre- and post-surgery, training classes, and introducing new animals to your home.

Play iCalmDog Reggae at a very gentle volume and play it often. We want your dog to become very familiar with this music. It doesn’t need to be played continuously, but we suggest 1-3 times a day for the first month.

sleeping golden retriever icalmpet icalmdog calming classical tunes for canines Specific applications include:

• Calm and settle
• Focus on task
• Stronger noise masking
• Soothes elderly and hearing impaired dogs
• Fun and healing
• Keeps dogs calmer longer

Mix it Up! Variety is the Spice of Life!

Rotating iCalmDog Reggae with classic Through a Dog’s Ear piano tracks actually prolongs the canine relaxation response. According to the University of Glasgow/Scottish SPCA research, “… the effect of habituation may be reduced by increasing the variety of auditory enrichment provided.” Dogs exposed to a variety of appropriate musical styles* stay calmer longer. In other words, variety is the spice of life for doggies, too.

* While each dog’s sensory perception may differ, some musical styles (i.e., Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Motown, Rap) have been clinically shown, by various researchers, to have a non-calming effect on canines.

– Joshua Leeds
Producer, Through a Dog’s Ear and iCalmDog Reggae


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Check out iCalmDog Reggae survey comments and compiled results.

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12 reviews for iCalmDog Reggae, 1-hr (Micro SD Card, CD, Download)

  1. Aline Murphy (verified owner)

    Just wanted to pass on how much everyone in my household is loving the new [Reggae] sound track. It really is so cool. Of course, the real test is when my dog has one of his anxiety attacks! But he sure seems so relaxed when he hears it.

    My dog is a rescue with quite a few issues so with him we have to do a combination of things to calm him down. This is especially true when the weather is exceptionally bad. Lightening & thunderstorms are very difficult for him and he is a pacer when he is scared. He completely zones out.

    When we played the Reggae music for the first time he started wagging his tail, sighed and laid on his bed.

    But what really amazed me was the reaction of my parrots.

    One of them has a noise phobia and will shake his head when he hears music. He sat on top of his cage just looking in the direction from where the music was coming from. The other parrot, who although is quite small, can be very loud. He, too, was listening to the music and was very quiet.

  2. Jacquie Emerson (verified owner)

    Yeah for Reggae music from ICalmPet! Your music, plus noise reducing curtains and a white noise machine made New Year’s Eve fireworks almost tolerable for my little guy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best to you all!

    P.S. I’ve been singing your praises! Hope all my friends place orders!

  3. L.M

    As moods of the people change, the dogs are equally as positively affected! Definitely more effective with the older dogs as I feel the bass is felt just as much as it is heard. Love the changing tempos, sounds in general, etc. I do feel the enhanced bass is beneficial to the dogs.

  4. Maya M.

    The iCalmDog Reggae makes the whole household happier. My dog wags his tail and just has his happy face on.

  5. E. J

    At work there are two aisle of shelter. In the one in which i playvthe reagge the dogs are more calm than the one where i play classical music. It calms more quickly

  6. Brenda

    It’s good for when not much is going on but nothing calms her down for fireworks, thunder, or really loud booming sounds. I really like the beat and instruments. Wouldn’t change anything.

  7. J. E

    I find that I have to play it much quieter than the classical, but I think that’s what I prefer. I’ve had the classical for such a long time that anything new will take time to get use to.

  8. DMW

    I actually made a video and sent to dog and music friends showing my puppy sleeping to Reggae. They thought it was hilarious given I was classically trained musician!

  9. Jess

    The reggae music is fun – I was glad that you added another genre of music based on what studies have shown is calming.

  10. G.E

    I have used the classical music for 10 years, since I got a Cavalier puppy who was storm phobic. (At the time, I lived in FL and it was thunderstorm season.) It took a few days to receive the CDs, as I had just read the book, but the first storm made me a believer. The puppy settled in her crate pretty quickly. I looked over about ten minutes later, and she was lying flat. My older Cavalier was lying with her nose inches from the boombox speaker, sound asleep. Since then I have played the classical music in the wards in my veterinary clinic and in the crate room at seminars and competitions at various dog sport events. That cavalier puppy, now 10, is too deaf to worry about any but the worst storms, but I am using the music (now on the tiny cards) with a year-old Rottweiler who has over-reacted to sounds since I got her at seven weeks. Only today, leaving the vet’s office in my new home town, a truck with deep rumbling muffler drove past my van as I was loading the Rottie into the back, and other than a flick of an ear there was no reaction to the noise. I think the music over time, along with ongoing socialization, has helped her be a less reactive dog even when the music isn’t playing.

    I’m not sure about the Reggae yet. Here at home both my girls have heard the music at times when we were settling at bedtime, but haven’t had a chance to test it with much of a challenge. I feel like the classical music may be better, but didn’t notice any negative response to the Reggae.

  11. P.L.

    The new music is so upbeat & fun! Not home to view her reaction but I love the reggae.

  12. Chris Engel

    You guys this is amazing!!! Our dogs are so mellow when the Reggae is on, not like the classical stuff where tehy completely pass out, but just mellow and chillin. Fun to have them awake and calm for a change. Thanks again

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